Andrew Hennessey

We watch tales of wonder of the heroes of old,
And the battles for kingdoms with magic and gold
And awed at the dragon-like prowess with blade
We get overwhelmed by the soul-less charade
And think of those halcyon days of yore

Secure in our concrete and plasma screen lives
Wowed into timid
By the fast vampires with knives – hoping the images
Will suddenly stop if we turn off our TV and head to
The shop.
But the after images gnaw at our spiritual mind
deadening our soul to our real powers
What inadequate chattel we all seem to be
The cul de sac cattle of an unseen enemy

Bounding off the unyielding slaughterhouse walls
A circus of nothing with cardboard stalls
Where we go and play science, and go and play soldier
Not realising the matrix farming robots
Don’t want us to get older.

But the battle for Heaven has only just begun,
And in the fight for our hearts our first victory is won,
When we see what is ancient has now its return

The job of the enemy is to make Hollywood epics about dark superbeings to frighten the flock into submission
Superfast creeps never sleeps highly intelligent
Lots of skills whilst we in our DNA daze
As slow as stills
Or inadequate on some pills as the X men and X women run the race
Beating the human race and the humans to the finish.
Always looking good, the best of best
Always equipped and better than the rest
Always exceeding our expectations as if
They were already telepathically known
Would be gods … ego monsters
Masters of chaos and distortion
And human disease
True performers always in relation to some
Poor human
An easy gold star for the creeps
Plenty of easy gold stars
Yet in faith we perform our acts of contrition – and we
Too must fight our epic struggle
To keep our form and not get phased
Not let our loving heart get erased
Every moment of human calm and love
Is torment to the ears of some devil.

So we fight

The hero and hero-ess fighting to keep our patience
In the jungle of a call centre mayhem, or jostling supermarket, the alchemist focussed on spiritual art that has nothing base, the magician,
trying aspartame-free sweetener for a spell of good health
The modern day sage, fending off social rage with humour
Or the exorcist evicting a tumour

The battle for our soul does not seem epic, devoid of turrets and castles, armies of elves, indeed children can think they are bought from the shelves.
though Frodo Baggins had an easier job taking the ring to Mount Doom
Than we might have getting a refund for some toxic junk disguised as food or culture.
And alone in our room – no unicorn in sight except that which is owned by the ‘special ones’ in some boring seen it all before Lord of Something or Other.

The battle is for health in the kingdom of sugar,
In the war on nutrition the quest is for vitamins
In the epic struggle against selfish anti-social insanity
It is the act of a hero to love your disorientated neighbour

And the miracles of old are still happening today
Because we are loved by God our Father
Matthew 21:21 Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done.

The job of the enemy is to hide the miracles
Miracles give hope
Miracles show certain escape

The job of the enemy is to make squalid our epic
To steal its value and to hide the main players.

A hierarchy of evil with a head honcho so real
That it takes the powers of Angels to make us to heal
As evil bends matter and good bends it back,
As evil steals time and good sustains the flaw
And no sum of physics will have a law to explain this

And if we can believe we have a choice to choose
This is a battle we can never lose
For Christ is the truth
and our faith shall set us free.


anna said…
I had never heard of soul farming until yesterday. Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast #166--Demonic UFO's with Nick Redfern. All about U.S. govt funding of the Collins Group {about 20 ppl} think tank that basically confirms what you are saying. You *really* have to check it out! Neither Jim Harold or Redfern believe the think tank, thrust of show went in a diff direction, but *very* interesting. You must hear.
caledonia said…
thanks Anna,

its good to hear that I'm not alone in the wilderness.
I will look for the Collins Group

caledonia said…
hi Anna, the Collins group appear to be extreme - so you can tell from the articles on my blog that I don't propose social engineering solutions to the problem - mainly because the activity of the grey swarm/demons and the reptilian/devils is quite specific to the individual imo, no matter what social conditions prevail. So although the doorways to the streets may be bolted - its the doorways to the heart, mind and soul that have to be tended to.
anna said…
Yeah, I dunno anything about the Collins group. I found you, and the ideas you propose--after listening to PARANORMAL PODCAST #166 BY JIM HAROLD. Re: an interview with Nick Redfern regarding a U.S. govt findings about UFOs & their demonic origin. Redfern was dismissive of the idea and the interview took another direction...but it waas the first place I ever heard about soul-farming and it rang true. *Pls* check out that podcast and tell me what you think. I'm going to send him a link to you as well. I am looking at what you say in terms of solution--meditation comes to mind?
caledonia said…
hi anna,

I have outined our mechanism of connection and disconnection in harvesting the disconnected ..

I think intentional prayer to Christ and our Holy family of saints and Angels is the true resonance upon which we can draw our safe continuity.

our lack of assistance from science, ufology the world in general etc I attempt to explain at:
caledonia said…
hi anne,
I listened to the podcast - and I think the issues raised re the farming are totally real - though they do not highlight the presence of the reptilian devils amongst us who co-ordinate the farming.

other writers only on the greys is nigel kerner
on the reptilians drew hempel

thanks for bringing this to my attention
caledonia said…
hi anna,


even if Nick Redfern was promoting a psyop to discredit the very idea of demonic soul harvesting e.g. at the time he says Reagan was being allegedly briefed on these matters according to frank ferguson whose father worked with von braun and michael wolf on a deep black project - called the Interstellar Platform, the US were already in interstellar space with aliens in the 1970's.
even a psyop then has the real use of bringing to the public gaze these extremely difficult issues.
e.g. I phoned MUFON Nebraska trting to hook up with the Priest Redfern mentions on the Podcast and according to nebraska deputy director - no such cookie and he's been around 20 years !!y to have a look at stella davis book called spiritual warfare [ref on this blog] - she is a practising exorcist currently performing miracles !!

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