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No Free Energy in the UK

No Free Energy in the UK-Euro Zone
Andrew Hennessey

Although I had worked out the Tesla particle physics that would explain why spinning magnets produced free energy over 15 years ago I was always at a loss to actually build the technology – having no light or electrical engineering expertise.
Obviously free energy could end the vile pollution of our beautiful planet, it could feed Africa and China and beyond, it could cleanse and purify and even manufacture our water – it could destroy and reconstitute pollution and it would end the paradigm of combustion on our polluted world – supplying clean energy for billions, cheaply and freely sustaining huge populations, keeping the environment clean in the process and also extending our clean hands to the other farming opportunities in the solar system e.g. on Mars.
Yes sir, and maam without much ado – obviously free energy devices were the answer to all our ills.
Sure them pesky corporations seem to make inventors d…


Andrew Hennessey

Another round another crust
another atlantis under dust and sea
another war without victory
another hazy history and white bones to conceal
hitek fossils on the farm
kept from the daylight that would harm
another round of savage farming
for the usual suspects

a harmageddon of toxic waste
contrived cul de sacs that show no haste
to create a civilisation
whilst the weird elite in their wierd distaste
spurn the basic human
like pesky critters that seem to have some use

and our most hopeful Book
the true Good News is buried under an ocean
of other hopeful views – whilst in the dark
and behind closed doors
the stairway to Heaven that is Christ
is edited by revision
our souls divine right to be Human
and its pattern of loving Grace
begins to take an animal face
in the movie temples.

and stark visions of barbarian and monster
and butchered nurture and family
play their course even if the cinema audience
contains some true cartoons that
could literally kick you up the carpark
before you …

the mexican wave - some people just have all the luck

A Personal Goal

A Personal goal
Andrew Hennessey

On reflecting on a better way forward for humanity other than to buy into the alleged end-based evolution of the human social charade - I found that there needed to be some distance between my expectations of society and its alleged social [historic/scientific/technical etc] rules and myself and that included establishing my own relation to the true Kingdom of God.
Christ on the mountain was shown all the kingdoms of men that were in satans thrall until his allotted time was done - so the tightly controlled charade of planet earth as it masquerades and alleges social evolution merely blends into other chaotic social incarnations and dysfunctional mixtures of more of the same. It is actually a devolving soul pit designed to strip us of our spiritual grace and spiritual integrity.
It is controlled by the soul hungry, shape-shifting [demonic] reptilians and greys and their infernal technologies - who can run up to the next bus stop and back in the blink of o…