Andrew Hennessey

Another round another crust
another atlantis under dust and sea
another war without victory
another hazy history and white bones to conceal
hitek fossils on the farm
kept from the daylight that would harm
another round of savage farming
for the usual suspects

a harmageddon of toxic waste
contrived cul de sacs that show no haste
to create a civilisation
whilst the weird elite in their wierd distaste
spurn the basic human
like pesky critters that seem to have some use

and our most hopeful Book
the true Good News is buried under an ocean
of other hopeful views – whilst in the dark
and behind closed doors
the stairway to Heaven that is Christ
is edited by revision
our souls divine right to be Human
and its pattern of loving Grace
begins to take an animal face
in the movie temples.

and stark visions of barbarian and monster
and butchered nurture and family
play their course even if the cinema audience
contains some true cartoons that
could literally kick you up the carpark
before you can blink

Like some sad arcade game
we are invited to engage
the bestial rage – our human weakness
and cat and mouse
versus monsters that just get lucky
whilst we get unlucky and tired
demonic homing beacons may hover over us
the fast dragon may be entering with fast sword
it’s a lie that there’s somewhere to run in this world
that isn’t mapped out by evil.
But when you turn to Christ the world runs around
you but cannot find you John 3:8

it’s the lure of the treadmill – the karmic round –
to engage
to try and fail
the engagement is the millstone and chains that drag us
into the pit.
even when you can photograph the matrix droids
that facilitate
the farming theatre
it still seems like there is something to play for.

There is.
The moment in which we live and escape
is the perpetration of a loving act for our brother or sister.
we sometimes dare to do so against all the false constraints
imposed on our own life
There in that moment of commune
we break the shackles of the beast programming
and destroy our alien burden.
there Christ lives in our heart and we in him
and there satan rages in vain

because we recognise our brother and sister on the road
because we have broken through their wall of alienation
and spiritual callouses and bruises and wounds
produced in their own heroic battle
with annulment by the evil one
we have connected with a fellow pilgrim
and steadied them in their disorientation
we have calmed their distortion

we heal our brother or sister human
in their distorted state

and because we reach them and touch their lives with love
and give them the gift of hope and a vision of grace
that goes beyond monkey Darwin Utilitarian bananas
we devastate satans plans with one kind act.

planet Earth – the de-gracing of humanity
the farming and stripping of soul
and vendors of forgetful despair-filled toxins
disguised as culture or media
or people we can allegedly aspire to

as we play the game of snakes and ladders
deadened by alleged success or crushed
by alleged failure.
Its so easy for the would-be gods to play
amongst the dysfunctional and retarded
human biology

They can run rings round us screaming at the
speed of our personal light, and recite
a library to us and run a marathon between
sips of our coffee
They need to read our hopes and ideas
to make their constructions look more desirable
to lure our aspirations and intentions
so that our energies can be channelled
then twisted, crushed and tapped
in their unhappy life-force farm.

This is not our true home
it will fall away from us like some
dirty overcoat
and we shall awaken with hearts
full of gladness and joy
for we are more than it
we are truly human
and have surpassed the bestial
pits and snares of Earth

And our future is not some mad animal cartoon
or horror movie
for the sorrows of Earth shall pass away
and all its allegations and pretensions
to human society will then be
what they wanted to be
from the beginning
in the kingdom of the beast
where their worm does not die
nor their fires go out.
Our Father gives them a different path Psalm 139

and their pretensions to humanity
will no longer be visible or
recognisable without the human mask
the faerie grey and lizard vampires wear the Hag side
when models of true humanity to distort and farm
have been withdrawn from them
and we have returned home.

Then in such places and galaxies as here,
nothing more intellectual than an ecological library
of reeds and bushes, a lair of mud and obvious thatch,
a cul de sac without a matriculation card
in the jungle of life.
an arbitrary rock for a throne
as it always was before humans
wanted the soft furnishings
here the residual memory of technology
not because it is useful to them
but only because it was an object of real human
civilisation and desire that appeared useful to us
to them merely leverage and bait
a route to manipulate, stress and milk
our human spirit and soul
in the Earthly game of carrot and stick
and smoke and mirrors.
In truth, that shall set you free, only in Christ is our Escape
from Earth and all its adjacent stellar stockpens


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