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A Sketch of my Tripartite Research

Tripartite Relativity - a unifying general systems theory is both a physics and a programmable metaphysics. Here is an introduction to this new paradigm - a sketch of:
The physics - ‘it’s only ontological’ The metaphysics - ‘it’s only logical’

IT’S ONLY ONTOLOGICAL by Andrew Hennessey  16th January 2016
for Frank Ferguson

Our scientific Earth is trampled flat our tunnel vision on linear lines our cosmos hangs by strings and hairs big bangs and crunches and corporate spat will not roll out the welcome mat for supercomputer chaos
But chaos theory the absolute norm our particles emerging eyes of storms in our turbulent aether In aether a galaxy at every scale no final particle, boson, god or not sciences ego was designed to rot after the next sensor upgrade
and order emerges from the chaos it is a natural law that heat death is opposed by heat life entropy is only half and in that chaos con

Why are Stephen's 'black holes' 'Hairy' but going bald

It looks like Stephen Hawking may pick up a nobel prize for his proof that black holes retain some data which creates 'hairs' of matter ....

I have been saying over the years that I have a theory called Tripartite Relativity which is both a metaphysical and physical theory of the Cosmos.
Well, my theory predicts [aka Duhem]

It predicted that black holes eject stellar material and it was then shown they do.

Well with this new Hawking gig I am predicting that :   eventually the vast majority of residual hairs will eventually go through the black hole and disappear. Also depending on the properties of local matter going through it some black holes may never be bald and some black holes may not be hairy at least temporarily. All black holes have the potential to be hairy. All hairs can eventually disappear given no further throughflow of matter.
My cosmology also predicts a time-space resistant (transitional) semi-dark matter mixed amongst our light matter which I call opaque matt…