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The Two Wings of the Dragon

In the year 2017, a year that has seen a popular revolt by a silent majority on both sides of the Atlantic that has attempted to restate the case for the goodness of nationality, the world around us has been in turmoil regardless of the outcome of voting.
It could of course be argued, after a bit of research, that electronic voting can be rigged using a percentage system and has been for decades.
Another argument I rate highly is the idea that the population is being drawn into nonsensical interaction with red and blue political theatre and rhetoric, left wings versus right wings – but in fact both wings of the same old dragon (Draco) of the Plutocracy that feasts off the turmoil caused by its flapping.
Sure there are people screaming Trump is a right wing dictator like Hitler – who terminated at least 6 million innocent souls, whilst at the same time advocating a leftist vision of globalism – a globalism that is set up to eliminate 6 billion souls through its Agenda21 Eugenics.

Left wing…