The Two Wings of the Dragon

In the year 2017, a year that has seen a popular revolt by a silent majority on both sides of the Atlantic that has attempted to restate the case for the goodness of nationality, the world around us has been in turmoil regardless of the outcome of voting.

It could of course be argued, after a bit of research, that electronic voting can be rigged using a percentage system and has been for decades.

Another argument I rate highly is the idea that the population is being drawn into nonsensical interaction with red and blue political theatre and rhetoric, left wings versus right wings – but in fact both wings of the same old dragon (Draco) of the Plutocracy that feasts off the turmoil caused by its flapping.

Sure there are people screaming Trump is a right wing dictator like Hitler – who terminated at least 6 million innocent souls, whilst at the same time advocating a leftist vision of globalism – a globalism that is set up to eliminate 6 billion souls through its Agenda21 Eugenics.

Left wing, right wing, the illusion of democracy whilst behind it all are a small elite of Trillionaires and Billionaires like George Soros who appear to have it in for nation states.

What are nation states after all but an outmoded and medieval way of zoning off the working peasants into distinct and controllable socio-economic groups.

But then the alternative seems to be much much worse than singing anachronistic songs like ‘Flower of Scotland’ in the Royal Oak bar in Edinburgh whilst being seriously looked over by agents of the Crown for undermining British/English sovereignty in the 1970’s.

The alternatives we can see rolling out before our very eyes and we can all recognise the herds of illiterate, uneducated, baying, entitled, self-serving. Like-clicking disaffected - rolling past these various western TV cameras.

I can recognise their need to complain about all aspects of the delivery of the social promise that is enshrined in rights and charters. Such things as health, welfare, gender rights, womens rights, the right to life and to keep even unwanted babies, the right to terminate babies people don’t want, the right to decontextualise human biology, the right to protest, the right to privacy, the right to less surveillance, the right to state nannies, the right to less state interference in a child’s life, there have been protests by certain groups to enable the introduction of religious rights that are directly contradictory to the protestors reasons for being.

Protesting is almost a pass-time, with free plane tickets and great print jobs for the placards etc

A minor point about Trump’s inauguration crowd is that many of the people who would have voted Trump in, probably could not afford to come to Washington for the day, and do coffee and cake and etc, having said that though the jury is out on the American emperor who has recently been seen signing executive orders at a desk in front of an upturned pentagram.

Mind you that wouldn’t have bothered the Clinton clan either as we can see from Hillary’s campaign emails about ‘spirit cooking’ and ‘sacrificing chickens to Moloch’ etc provided by Wikileaks and Assange.

Our challenge is to see beyond the left wing – right wing divide and rule theatre and gaze not at ourselves screaming about love and peace and simultaneously doing violence to those we disagree with, but at the big space craft rising above our mountains and cities heading somewhere nice and peaceful and educated with a whole lot of stuff probably produced by semi-dazed ‘old humans’ in their ageing and broken down infrastructure, from their semi-poisoned oceans and brutal war zones.

For the elite – the extinction of the ‘old humans’ takes the form of plagues such as the mycoplasms mentioned in ‘operation day lily’, or the antagonistic additives to food, or mis-information etc merely damage management whilst milking the antiquated infrastructure for every last Mars Bar or Milky Way.

The youth of the ‘old humans’ have been exposed to low educational standards, and also were somewhat disorientated by the media of the 21st Century and doubtless by the additives in foodstuffs. Although template technology and software has to a certain extent enabled them in more ways than the 20th century youth could have dreamed of – it has also in many ways stifled originality and analysis.

For example despite endless books written by practising medical doctors about Near Death Experiences that clearly show ‘Life Beyond Life’ [R. Moody], medical training courses in Scotland today advise young carers that people don’t ‘pass on’ or ‘pass away’ because there isn’t anywhere people go after death – accordingly people just ‘die’ !! end of.

Meantime in the many underground utopias  replete with clever people with educations aided and abetted by many things the ‘old human’ world would still say were impossible – Life, its general standard, is a whole lot superior. I am also probably right in saying, on a more depressing note, that such human life – the ‘new humans’ are probably more integrated with authoritarian controls than we are. I had hoped that ‘Hugo Drac’ the mad megalomaniac with his vision of his created super race from the James Bond movie ‘Moonraker’ was not going to happen, but then it isn’t – the ships heading into orbit are relatively huge compared to an old rickety space shuttle in the B-Movie.

Meanwhile below, if we can succeed in loving one another, perhaps a better life can be made for us all.


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