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greys - the war on human grace

The Insectoid/Demonic Cosmogenesis

The mechanics of our dualistic cosmos is fairly black and white – indeed its dualism is governed by flow and transference across potential differences at all levels and scales – from places of high potential to places of low potential.

Our dualistic cosmos is driven by this ceaseless flow between areas of high potential and areas of low potential e.g. in chemistry there is valency and ionic transference, in plant biology there is osmosis and in electricity there is voltage and current and in human psychology, there is transference across a field [Lewin, K, Field theory in psychology, 1952]

Human society, because of natural laws such as; chaos and entropy and the emergence of order out of chaos, is identical to the physical order of things and also produces differences of supply and demand, sufficiency and insufficiency, therefore flux and exchanges take place within and between all human dom…

the gift of a millstone for satans mill

It often vexes me as to why I spent between 10 and 20 years actively involved with creating my tripartite essentialist metaphysics.
It seemed at one point that no matter how many times I wrote and rewrote the stuff that people could never understand what I was trying to say.
I had a dream that perhaps I could bring about some sort of free energy revolution and change the nature of human society by providing a general systems theory that could surpass all the cul de sac brick walls in various domains of human knowledge.

I thought that I was onto a sure fire winner there – and that someone behind the scenes as it were would recognise the truth and precision of what I was doing and somehow I would end up making big money as part of some black government project working in such areas as artificial intelligence or stargates etc doing good for some benevolent nation-state project just like in the B Movies etc
That’s the way I used to think, before I discovered the way life was on our alien- zon…


Andrew Hennessey

The lesser and greater demons

The manifestation of the Greys/Demons
Mark 5:9 (King James Version)
9And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many.

The Greys/demons operate a matrix-like process around their soul targets.
The process operates as and can be perceived as[imo];
A spontaneous and intelligently controlled, unique, anti-thetic, anti-personal, spiritually negating, context-driven field-effect or genius loci manifest and emergent in partially or totally subsumed assets, both people [even in groups] and inanimate objects.
The utilisation of holographic theatre, people and objects by these beings has been noted.
When the target has been worn down and then sold on the idea that there is no hope or alternative then these beings attempt to entrench themselves and take possession of the soul – posing as past lives or gifts of alleged enlightenment/skills. Parasitic links are …

Escape from Earth free ebook

How to Escape from Earth - click here for the free ebook

Escape from Earth is my most recent work 2008/2009 that came into being after I realised that having found Christ I was protected John 3:8

The Turning of the Tide is the story/book of my battle with greys, reptilians and reality engineering dating around 2001-2003. The incessant barrage of disturbing demonic encounters was only survivable because I was protected by a guardian Angel - who subsequently led me to Christ. This is an early version of the free ebook