the gift of a millstone for satans mill

It often vexes me as to why I spent between 10 and 20 years actively involved with creating my tripartite essentialist metaphysics.
It seemed at one point that no matter how many times I wrote and rewrote the stuff that people could never understand what I was trying to say.
I had a dream that perhaps I could bring about some sort of free energy revolution and change the nature of human society by providing a general systems theory that could surpass all the cul de sac brick walls in various domains of human knowledge.

I thought that I was onto a sure fire winner there – and that someone behind the scenes as it were would recognise the truth and precision of what I was doing and somehow I would end up making big money as part of some black government project working in such areas as artificial intelligence or stargates etc doing good for some benevolent nation-state project just like in the B Movies etc
That’s the way I used to think, before I discovered the way life was on our alien- zoned planetary farm.

Then I started noticing how science in the field of artificial intelligence kept recycling and re-inventing old paradoxes and claimed it could not move forward even when there were solutions available.
I started thinking then that maybe my own writing and ideas were not as inaccessible as I had been made to think they were.
Major theories were being refuted before my eyes and their refutations discarded e.g. The Big Bang Never Happened, Lerner, 1992 the whole process we know as human science and the scientific practise was looking like carefully conducted theatre and charade.
Hearing that Tesla’s and De Palma’s theories of environmental energy were similar to my own conclusions I was greatly encouraged by the knowledge that there were a group of educated people like Paul LaViolette that were looking into Tesla concepts and revising the old paradigm of quantum physics.

Then when I heard that Paul LaViolette had identified 7 core transactions in particle events and flux I saw that the moment was bittersweet, for Paul’s conclusions omit the chaos, flux, entropy And Emergence that is at the heart of everything.
Because it was not 8 events, his paradigm was not a paradigm that took on board chaos flux, emergence and mutation in the way that Peter Plichta describes the chaos soup in chemistry at the end of Gods Secret Formula.

It was then I saw that there was another factor at play here in the emergence of the truth – it wasn’t so much that my own writings were always totally unclear – it was just that some people – no matter how hard they tried – cannot recognise the simple logic of the simple truth when it is put in front of them time and time again.

fine sub atomic aether - driven by a potential difference gradient between one part of the cosmos and another emerges bigger and bigger particles which squeeze themselves into an area coming through other adjacent particles, compacting themselves and forming relatively spaced quanta or shells.
its a chaos system so there are no absolute constants of any kind as everything is relatively local e.g. no Plancks constant, no fixed speed of light, no fixed manifestation of time, no gravitational constant - all these alleged constants are actually in flux and variable with time [imo]

thats why eight transactions and events are appropriate - because of the constant change and flux not seven.

Aether gradient transaction in context from A to B through common medium C at time 1

0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 A
0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 C
0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 B

at time 2 the above state of play - the 8 logical events that arise out of each chaos transaction at time 1 can be any of the eight chaos events again - giving a total of 64 logically real chaos events for any situation at time 2.

For sophisticated computational and industrial modelling these eight binary states can be further expanded into a modal logic with partial states that has 27 limited and fixed components at time 1 and 729 limited and fixed events at time 2.

It makes me feel very sad that the truth I have presented here on Earth is probably very obvious to the Greys and the Anunnaki but that I am the only human being on Earth who understands and recognises and can work with the reality of it.
Its sad because society and all its alleged needs and imperial human wants and phoney empires are just pixie dust with nothing to do and nowhere to go – and its sad because this knowledge can never be fruitfully used in any human context on Earth because the allegations of human social context are naught but a charade and a lie.

It makes me wonder why I was given this gift to give that nobody wants or recognises – which is not just a metaphysics that solves the paradoxes in particle physics – but which also brokers other technical realities in transportation and robotics. A complex universal law as a system of metaphysics that models every event and transaction of every and any type at any scale.
It has no use on Earth which is merely a despair farm for humans with engineered dysfunction in their biology, ideas and technology.
The technical applications of this general systems theory not only solve the problems caused by Paul la Violette’s omissions of chaos in physics but enable physical translation and teleportation and executive robotics.

However, although this Earthly gift has been a burden as the simple enough logical truths are totally unrecognisable to everyone – it is the greater gift to now see that I must lay it down and as such I don’t want to be revisiting it and recreating and representing its concepts any more unless there were a real job of consultancy work - for people that were not warmongers - [so whats the chance of that?] that would supply my household with funds – and there is not.

So that’s where I stand as regards further developing this body of work called tripartite essentialism/ universal metaphysics/ general systems theory.

my general systems theory - a universal law - the theory of relativity is largely domain independent and general - being a law unto itself - which hasn't helped because it is full of neologisms which require it to be retranslated and reapplied to whatever body of knowledge it is to represent. One of its uses is if you want a robot that can do it all in an executive way - on Earth though its unlikely to be the germinator they build - more like the terminator - which is actually a good reason to keep denying it all. I later realised that I had been given the keys to hell !!

'COGITO ERGO OPULENTUS' I think, therefore Opulence.

A Final Theory of Everything sounds pretty final. Well actually it is and it isn't. The Six Keys to Civilisation within the General Systems Theory at the end of the work are going to need a computer rather bigger and a society rather longer and incentive rather greater than usual to fully utilise them.

Truly, that just doesn't sound like planet Earth.

It would have taken two years of my life to assemble such a database in those days when I thought it was important.

In my opinion, the one thing about planet Earth was Scotland - it was about pride, and vision, passion and geography and a very hard wearing endeavour to take the 'King's Shilling' without true perception of the fact that it was open season on the lost tribe of Orcus from Pictland Fife. (i.e. 'the Scots')

Not exactly generous to the last, the 'tight fisted' and ignorant Scot, displaced Gypsy and Wanderer, Tinker and Loser always seemed to get a bad press for his or her grapes of wrath from within the Grey Havens of his erstwhile Atlantean Elves.

Indeed, for myself, it always seemed destined to be 'Solong !!'.

There had to be a reason for this - and no doubt there wasn't - it's just that I had to find it - the rational explanation for why science and all that Elitist pretention didn't deliver and consistently failed to do so.

Unfortunately, having taken a wrong turning in the laboratories of the dark tower of the evil alien technomage Seth, somewhere near the janitors cupboard and the toilets, I came across a handbook titled 'usuary'. It had written on it in green ink 'in the event of my death, please destroy' and the title page was marked with what I mistakenly thought was a logo containing the Seal of Solomon but this was the emblem of the Theosophical Society..

'What's this ??' I said to myself, and then I regretted being schizophrenic because without any song and dance the 'Ancient Tome of Zool' opened up and showed me.

It was the six keys to the Universe of material duality, and consequently all the dosh I had dreamed about, every scam, every battle, every politician, every joker, every robot and starship, every ruling ring in the Universe was miiiiiineeeeeeee !!!!!

The real disgrace was yet to befall however, for being absorbed in its powers and principalities, its databases and its spooks, its empiricism and empire, blinded by rationality, its dry rules and its regulations and the consequent spiritual millstone of disconnection, I had no-one loving and beautiful and Christian in my life I could recognise to share it with !!!

[remember Tony ? well he said that things can only get better ... well they did - as soon as I ditched this millstone - love came into my life.]


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