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Christmas 2012 Solar Stargate


Not Going to Say I Told You So

Cumon there aren't that many people left that think the worlds going to change - but thats probably a big mistake to forget the possibility.
In chaos theory - geological upheaval and ice ages etc  don't operate like clockwork.

I suspect though that if you went out and bought a mountain of canned baked beans you may have to shift them now because this Mayan stuff is now officially past its Zeta Exopolytalk sell-by date.

I would urge you now to get to these fearmongering or wind-up or feelgood group message boards and youtube accounts before they all totally vanish without a trace. Exactly the same thing happened after the Millennium scams.
Here's my prophesy - the Mayan Prophesies survival shelter and supplies emails adverts, declarations, missives and edicts are all going to totally vanish in the next 4 months.

I regret now not saving a bunch of the scam emails from the conspiracy group I was lurking on in 2000 ... you will be surprised how quickly they go .... e.g. Y2K ko…