Not Going to Say I Told You So

Cumon there aren't that many people left that think the worlds going to change - but thats probably a big mistake to forget the possibility.
In chaos theory - geological upheaval and ice ages etc  don't operate like clockwork.

I suspect though that if you went out and bought a mountain of canned baked beans you may have to shift them now because this Mayan stuff is now officially past its Zeta Exopolytalk sell-by date.

I would urge you now to get to these fearmongering or wind-up or feelgood group message boards and youtube accounts before they all totally vanish without a trace. Exactly the same thing happened after the Millennium scams.
Here's my prophesy - the Mayan Prophesies survival shelter and supplies emails adverts, declarations, missives and edicts are all going to totally vanish in the next 4 months.

I regret now not saving a bunch of the scam emails from the conspiracy group I was lurking on in 2000 ... you will be surprised how quickly they go .... e.g. Y2K kobol software glitches were going to collapse the oil industry -says concerned high level deep throat source or the FEMA and UN white vans full of Russian troops were deploying in the North and Chinese UN troops were deploying in Mexico - buy your complete set of survival DVD's now - given of course you could generate enough electricity to view them lol :)  etc

Its the same scammers this time - I think they just alter a few of the details - maybe put the price up every ten years.

I think one of the reasons this stuff goes down like this is that if the control merchants dispirit us with enough nonsense we will be so numb that we will follow orders better ...
Don't bet though that changes are not going to happen - solar flares, ice age etc I think the secret is to let go and let God ...


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