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Just don't know how much longer press conference comedians posing as scientists can deny the abundance of life on Mars - this from april 2008 !!They are saying that what looks like trees is actually spurts of dust from debris fallin from the sky and landing exactly in a line along dune ridges.

Ancient Alien tunnel system leading underground

Ancient tunnel system only big enough for little elves, dwarves, kobolds, faeries, djinn, greys, elementals.
From Scotland to Turkey.
I personally heard them opening stone cave doors with cavernous echoes under the ancient bronze age site in West Lothian Scotland called Cairnpapple hill. There were two other witnesses present when the hill shook and the sound of underground stone doors grating open were heard circa 2000.
Like the systematic tunnels and caverns under Edinburgh, Scotlands capital, this network made by non-humans was not for the benefit or access of mankind.

Andrew Hennessey - Ufologist

This is a quick biographical sketch of myself that outlines my journey as a Ufologist

Andrew HennesseyUfologist.
Founded Xenopolitics in November 2007 as a sceptical dialog with Exopolitics who he saw were not producing any political manifesto or pro-human advocacy for policing human rights violations by aliens.Originator of Alien soul-farming model outlined in the free ebook ‘Harvesting the Disconnected.’Creator of an Interdimensional Cosmology and Physics theory called Tripartite Essentialism in 1991 which is listed in the Jean De Climont Trust 2012 Dissident Scientists list.Paranormal Photographer with an extensive digital archive of phenomenaWriter of a series of free ebooks which chart his personal journey of an understanding of the true status quo on Earth – including; Monkeys of Eden, 2000, The Turning of the Tide, 2006, Escape from Earth, 2007, Harvesting the Disconnected, 2010Trained as a Spiritualist Medium…