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The Paradox of Scientific Truth

The Paradox of Scientific Truth
Andrew Hennessey

Science is a contrived cul de sac designed to take us to extinction
here is evidence that science is lying to us about certain truths.
We know that the free energy debate is a brick wall - but here's another brick wall -
here is the truth [from 1990] behind the alleged impossible paradox that prevents a world full of really useful pro-human robotics.

Today in 2010 the only truth I wish to promote is the pathway to salvation in Christ - but there were days when I submersed myself in indulgences of the mind and wandered far from the true way out of here. [John 15]
Scientific truth cannot set us free from reptilian and grey/demonic zones like Earth - only the truth of the way of Christ can set us free from these soul pits.
There is still time to come to Christ and be helped upwards and home in the fellowship of the Saints and Angels and the Holy Spirit.

The Paradox of ARTIFICIAL GENERAL INTELLIGENCE is that people keep claiming it cannot be had…

Spiritual Warfare by Stella Davis

Spiritual Warfare: Lessons on Deliverance from Spiritual Bondage to Freedom in Christ by Stella Davis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is the clearest evidence that it is possible to find that the Powers of Light and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit are a powerful force for miraculous good on this dark planet.
If you don't believe in miracles - its time to get this book.
Stella Davis has been given extraordinary power to use in extraordinary ways to save mankind from an alien and demonic menace ... and yes - she uses it. This is her story - check it out.

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Andrew Hennessey

I have written before of the alien nihilism I have encountered, often providing specific examples of it at its most contrived and socially outrageous but generally speaking there are very few people who actually note it at work in their own lives.
If they do experience problems in the course of their life and personal growth, they will often put it down to bad luck, fate, or some other fault that is self-originated or mundane e.g. something they have eaten, confusion through lack of sleep, or indeed they may simply refuse to recognise the bizarre when it confronts them.
That is not to say that mundane negative things do not happen - they absolutely do, but there is sometimes something inexplicable that happens like the red/green stories on the link above that really take the biscuit.
There is a…