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This last year following up fantastical claims about alleged photos in archives have led to dead ends - not just because NASA scans the net looking for images it doesn't want out there and photoshops them or then  deletes them once they hear of something good thats been 'accidently' disclosed. But there's another form of nonsense out there too - which is attempting to discredit the very obvious alien evidence on many of these NASA pictures - that is the stuff that NASA probably never photoshopped - but then someone else probably did .... OK - many have seen the giant gopher in the black jacket strolling about near spirit rover on Mars - but we also have youtube artistes manufacturing apollo videos -  but never links to the original archive material or if their original is substantially different from a NASA retouch they should have it on a blog somewhere to be referred to.
Case in point is this image which I am reliably informed is meant to be a bit of plumbing or some…

'Comet' ISON - starwars space junk

It looks very much like the alleged comet that embarrassed astronomers are calling ISON bears a strong resemblance to half of the base ship photod by NASA stereo sun cam LASCO C2 last year - the alleged comet ISON trailing clouds of debris like a real comet might well be the remaining half of this base station with its lower half blown off in some war in the stars. ISON drifting under little power might be a deserted ghost ship - abandoned and plummeting into the sun

They make of this a desert ...

I always figured that there was never any chance of a nuclear war because the powers that be wanted the factories and infrastructure intact so they could keep on globally using the human race – and besides profits, goods and supplies would stop too suddenly for the corporations. One problem however that’s looking more and more obvious is the totality of the toxic desert being manufactured to finish us all off – that is except the chosen fools for the network of underground cities.
Whilst corporation chairman of e.g. Nestle asserts that the human race has no automatic entitlement to water, it becomes more and more clear that the very essence of life – at least in a pure and potable form is going to become very scarce indeed.
The destruction of our subsurface water supplywith toxic ‘fracking chemicals’ on some pretext of extracting natural gas a bi-product relies on the fact that free energy machines of the sort already in use by these dark corporations are not intended for the masses …