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Xenopolitics, founded Nov 2007 by Andrew Hennessey arose out of the reaction to the general whitewash of the activities of negative aliens by exopolitics. The exopolitical movement in general, wrongly attributes human victims of alien abuse as being victims of their own mindset.

Xenopolitics advocates human rights and pro-rata compensation for any unwilling human participants in covert, non-human industrial programs.
Note that Amnesty International do not at this point support the idea that human victims of alien abuse are a realistic and legitimate issue.

Xenopolitics illustrates the case for ‘ancient aliens’ and their history of negative behaviour towards the human race – including the sabotage of social evolution and the human social records. E.g. M Cremo, Forbidden Archaeology

Xenopolitics notes that human society, its political, scientific, technological and medical realities are a carefully engineered dis-ease ridden cul de sac e.g. 500 year delay of heavy plough i…

Gorebridge and the alien now

Over the past 2 months - the main witnesses to Gorebridge have been contacted by a dazzling array of military and pseudo military expertise.
Whether special forces are now in there operating around that area is neither here nor there because if they don't have a prayer - they don't have a prayer.
Basically Who Prays - Wins .... or Who Dares to Pray - Wins

The physicality of weapons and martial arts is but a distraction from the main combat taking place - it is a battle for the soul. Our minds are mislead and misdirected - so what - what matters is that our living praying hearts cannot be for they are anchored in Christ in Heaven. Aliens may run around our best moves in our linear time-space before we could blink - but prayer puts us in stealth mode, prevents abductions and keeps us unpredictable. My personal answer is prayer to Christ – because we go into stealth mode when we pray ..

John 3:8 ‘The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst no…

the David Icke error ?

The David Icke error ?
Andrew Hennessey

David Icke has become somewhat of an institution and a spearhead of a global truth movement that has gathered momentum in the last decade.
His iconic ‘problem-reaction-solution’ ideas and the various insights into the world of the reptilian anunnaki a reptilian race of shapeshifters that many people swear blind have long left us to it though may be coming back – has been culturally ground breaking.
Many witnesses have come forward feeling free to testify to their ordeal at the hands (or claws) of this pervasive but very secretive species and their reality – and for that the world owes David Icke their gratitude for identifying most of the Reptilian species as a real antihuman threat and problem.

David Icke has expounded at great length on What these beings have been up to – with detailed exposes collated from the public testimony and records.
The groundswell public reaction to getting targeted by reptilians in all and every infiltrated human i…

Xenopolitics - the Power of Love

The Power of Love
Andrew Hennessey

Dr Sallas Exopolitical forum Prepare4contact on yahoo groups has had revisions to its guidelines.
Having been previously plagued with people that have come forward in a shocked and traumatised state by anti-human alien behaviour and became very vocal about it – the forum guidelines got revised.
Here they are again below with annotations.

‘….Prepare4contact is a discussion forum dedicated to how individuals, communities and humanity can best prepare for open interaction with extraterrestrial races, and to the study of exopolitics. The forum seeks to disseminate accurate information about extraterrestrials, their agendas, activities and history, and assist members in making informed choices about how to prepare for the time when extraterrestrial life becomes widespread public knowledge…’

I cannot disagree with that – that’s an excellent scene setting start. However the next bit of the forum rulebook does suggest that if you have had a bad time with al…

The Miraculous Normal

Andrew Hennessey

The normal-paranormal divide is a boundary that usually looks like the divider between the boring and the creepy.
Often witnesses can tell something paranormal is happening because the event is characterised by un-ease, dis-ease or surreal strangeness.
Generally speaking most reported paranormal events are negative or dark in connotation or nature.
They tend to involve monsters or dark ghosts, hauntings or badly behaving aliens, lizards and rituals and foreboding doorways to underworlds or hellish dimensions, or the latest news of another free energy inventor heading for an early grave.
Even in places where miracles are seen and catalogued to be happening, there is often a track record of other sinister countervailing forces at work.
There is, however, the joy from the accounts of the Near Death Experiences and life-saving Angelic intercessions, Deliverances and healings but these tend to be unusual and less reported items in this dark genre.

In …

Petition to bring peace to Gorebridge - stop the military industrial exercises

4:40pm Jul 18

Finally after much harassment - threatening emails and phone calls and strange pseudo military looking people (or holograms) creating a nuisance and scare - and after being called a 'shark' by a troll from a skeptic group - basically I'm allegedly a menace to the public good because I survived alien attacks and lived to tell the tale - I decided enough is enough and with nothing to lose - I'm taking this the next step which is to make the Gorebridge events a matter of public record.

A letter was written to the two parliamentarians for Gorebridge, Whitehall MP Mr Hamilton who could perhaps establish the Military position on this - and if the military claim no responsibility and (no aliens) then MSP Ms Grahame would then be in a position to enquire as to the nature of the Industrial activity, its Civil lawfulness etc

Sign the Gorebridge petition on the link below - lets bring peace on Earth to Gorebridge

Dear Mr Hamilton, MP for Gorebridge
also copied to …

Engagement and Disengagement

Engagement and Disengagement.

Our modern interactive world is full of multimedia lessons – and we engage our local world through all classes and types of creation, professional or recreational activity.
There are endless cul de sacs full of almost but not quite things to grab our attention and engage us and encourage us to insert our coins into the slot machines of illusion passing themselves off as e.g. issues in free energy physics that have yet to be resolved, or attempting to make politics more pro-human, or ignoring the cast iron contradictions in green tax philosophy, or the irrelevance of abundant, existing cancer cures to cancer sufferers, or the downgrading and deprioritisation of nutrition sources.
At a global level, for those people not immediately starving to death there are many intellectual causes for them to engage with.
At a human level in fairly affluent society where film and TV are an entertainment medium, people of all ages are drawn into the electronic shoot em u…

Demons - the real Silver Surfers

Demons – The Real Silver Surfers
Andrew Hennessey

As countless digital cameras now testify, and as Charles Fort observed last century, a hierarchy and ecosystem of discarnate animal life and bizarre sea creatures have been reported grazing or feeding in the air just above our heads at the bottom of the energy sea.
In amongst the energy harmonic jungle of our planet, however, are more sinister and foreboding life forms. In various ways and disguises they have begun to interact with the human race, bringing depletion, savage attack, and desolation to our life force and consciousness.
There may be far more substance to the ‘Silver Surfer’ image than modern movie magic would have us believe. Hennessey, Kirk, Grimm, Campbell, Banks, as well as others, have scoured through compilations of centuries-old anecdotal witness reports which testify to the view that the elemental faeries and demons of old are in fact not good but demonic life forms or, as they are now known, the Greys of today.…

What do we do all day ?

What do we do all day ?

Armies in the Fire
a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson (1883)
from Childs Garden of Verses
music by Andrew Hennessey (2005)

Armies in the Fire

The lamps now glitter down the street;
Faintly sound the falling feet;
And the blue even slowly falls
About the garden trees and walls.

Now in the falling of the gloom
The red fire paints the empty room:
And warmly on the roof it looks,
And flickers on the back of books.

Armies march by tower and spire
Of cities blazing, in the fire;
Till as I gaze with staring eyes,
The armies fall, the lustre dies.

Then once again the glow returns;
Again the phantom city burns;
And down the red-hot valley, lo!
The phantom armies marching go!

Blinking embers, tell me true
Where are those armies marching to,
And what the burning city is
That crumbles in your furnaces!

I often wonder what people do when they get to the Kingdom of Heaven.
I often come across the idea from darker people that people w…

Xenopolitics - a definition

Xenopolitics - Definition and Mission Statement

Xenopolitics is a movement of people who take the view that in general the global and historically demonstrated alien presence on Earth has at least no practical or good social value for mankind.
Further, that there is a negative agenda to most human interactions with non-humans on Earth.
Xenopolitics does not say that all non-humans are negative, rather that some of the negative non-humans in our universe are on Earth.
The Founder of Xenopolitics, Andrew Hennessey, [Nov. 2007] proposes that there is an organised effort by some non-humans on Earth to maintain humanity in a social, technological, scientific and medical cul de sac to literally milk distressed human souls of their essence.
Andrew Hennessey, a committed Christian believes that there is an alien/ demonic-looking agenda of dehumanising and disgracing of human social, aesthetic and family values aimed at traumatising, disorientating and disconnecting the human soul from the Tr…

Immortal Combat - Earths Realm

Immortal Combat – Earths Realm
Andrew Hennessey

At the top end of the 21st Centuries cycle of consumerism, anti-human culture, anti-family and anti-life, unloving, disgraceful ideologies is the pedestal upon which we are being culturally invited to put our false gods.
For the many people who fail to achieve their hearts desire in an unfair society there is the apologism of a new reality creation doctrine – where if anything bad ever happens to us it is because we were asking for it.
Unfortunately a belief system has been hijacked by the new age movement to substantiate this Harry Potter-like magical ideology – and lately even people like David Icke have been coming forward with something very similar to the 'borrowed' doctrine of Maya in Eastern religions.

Maya (Sanskrit माया māyāa[›]), in Indian religions, has multiple meanings, erroneously quoted as "illusion", centered on the fact that we do not experience the environment itself but rather a projection of it, crea…