Engagement and Disengagement

Engagement and Disengagement.

Our modern interactive world is full of multimedia lessons – and we engage our local world through all classes and types of creation, professional or recreational activity.
There are endless cul de sacs full of almost but not quite things to grab our attention and engage us and encourage us to insert our coins into the slot machines of illusion passing themselves off as e.g. issues in free energy physics that have yet to be resolved, or attempting to make politics more pro-human, or ignoring the cast iron contradictions in green tax philosophy, or the irrelevance of abundant, existing cancer cures to cancer sufferers, or the downgrading and deprioritisation of nutrition sources.
At a global level, for those people not immediately starving to death there are many intellectual causes for them to engage with.
At a human level in fairly affluent society where film and TV are an entertainment medium, people of all ages are drawn into the electronic shoot em up tales of woe and barbarism, learning how to destroy lives in virtual reality whilst in many places on this world there are ongoing and hopeless wars that are seen to destroy bodies and oppress souls almost as effectively as the new 3D Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Human Centipede horror story.
Our engagement with visions of demonically empowered supermen and women and a dark maelstrom of bestiality and soulless desolate attrition at all levels of our consciousness is a warning to us.
A torrent of ungracefilled behaviour posing as cultural examples and routes to success are merely slipways to soul death.
If we can recognise that our souls are being pulled down into the sea of darkness posing as worldly issues because our intelligent minds can find endless and creative ways to engage death – soul death – we would be at a point where we must again take stock of the value of what we are being socially assailed with on Earth.

All of us non-possessed/assimilated humans want to live in a nice peaceful world, creative and nurturing and advanced and technically competent and sustainable where true spiritual beauty is an asset, where true human grace and the loving heart is the only thing we need to progress ourselves in any medium we think we are fitted for. Because in heaven – surrounded by heavenly things and free of the artificial disease of earth – we will think ourselves fitted to do the Will of God.
This Will of God is the spark of soul we were given as a unique gift that makes us live, our soul, amplified and resonating to become the glorious vessel and human example that we were made to be – in Christ.

On Earth though – however many combinations of goodness we can create – the earthly fruits somehow end up in a tainted cul de sac where the soul harvesters – beings called demons and devils (faerie greys and anunnaki reptilians) on this planet try to engage our life essence and the soul that produces it – in some sort of self-negating vortex – where the negation of our intentions are delivered physically, spiritually and intellectually in the hope that in the disorientation we will agree to fall/ be hooked into the powers and principalities and dominions of their evil.

Most people are unaware that things are not really normal – that science and technology in truth are actually ossified in the 20th century, that food and medicine are receding to the relative medieval and that the world vision of carefully progressing peer reviewed nothing-before-the-pyramids history and empty Drake equation universe is a fallacy. Dare I say it – the whole world view of combustion, from internal combustion engines on all shapes and sizes of ground and air vehicles, to trains and boats and factories, that the whole world view of combustion at a nuclear level called nuclear fission, that the world view of entropy and oxidation, rusting cars, the failure of old things, planned obsolescence and trashing, fire and ashes is deliberately maintained to prevent the ascent and or escape of mankind. Such visions of decay and desolation detract from physical escape in some free energy ship - or spiritual escape by dragging the mind and spirit down into a vision of endlessly deteriorating desolation.

On top of this – the endless rumours of the wolves of terror prowling around the woods near the flock, the flight or fight social engineering where the dark and ignorant are given the rulings for, or the pedestal of praise for the unworthy keep a jungle atmosphere going and its attendant social pressures. There appear to be many social contradictions that don’t seem right – endless ways to interact and fail to interact with the dark charades.
Driven by a culture of fear and sexual biology and vacuous undeserving success the vision of eternal grace and eternal life is replaced by a chemical and meat soup full of the electrons that science alleges in its transhumanism to want to upload.
Transhumanism though without a solution to infinite recursion in computation is yet another dead end.

A vision of chemical soup and stardust emerges as a doctrine and somewhere the unique gift that is our unique soul has been lost forever even if it never was part of the soup of this plane of the multiverse in which we now reside.

Most people are therefore unaware how much this world here plans to sicken, deaden, sleep and harvest the human souls of humanity.
Taking what passes for normality as normal – our heads drop, our eyes downcast onto the life threatening, soul threatening river of death sucking at our intentions. The sideshow stalls of the soul-harvesters call us here – appeal to this – appeal to that – ignore this – shift and misrepresent our priority, goad us, chide us.

Yet we can be in the world not of it – not angrily bouncing about a shopping mall or taking part in the endless cycle of revenge.

Prayer is the key – for we may never get the society we hope for, vote for, work for here until either the dark harvesters are displaced interdimensionally by the power of Love – or we have ascended above the desolate snares of the enemy which in their hunger, who having willfully disconnected from the Source – need our struggle against their illusions and snares so that they may continue living in interdimensional death amongst the cynical stunted visions of linear social evolution they have created to ensnare the creative mind with.

We must disengage, and turn the other cheek.

Here though is the hope for us that is in Christ – the first quote from John has us in stealth mode after prayer and the second quote from the letters of Paul has us beamed up and out i.e. Translated.
John 3:8 ‘The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.’
Colossians 1:12 ‘Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light:
13 Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son’

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