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Our monkey world as we know it today is an incredibly weird feat of social engineering rather like a primitive amusement park. Imagine a society where people prefer driving round in the technological equivalent of horse and carts yet are investing time, money, social credence, research and development in hitek hifi for MP3 players and Blue Ray players for the front bench of the cart. There are bizarre social follies driving about in cartoonesque fashion on a planets surface that could have had a space age utopia free from disease, pollution, toxic waste, deserts and blight and the need to burn things to make fires, whether at an atomic level with nuclear fission or more generally the internal combustion engine and oil.  Rusting ridiculous muddy primitivism and posh wellingtons amongst the cultural BS - it is something only farmers would do. With brutal and deliberate chaos and social unfairness amongst the stockpens of the planetary zones one has to wonder what sort of sadistic amusement …

the rose by the thorns ... new 3D alien artwork

from the creators of crop circles ... we proudly present project Bluebeam in operation ... grasping the rose by the thorns ... its not any olive branch and its probably a hologram ... photo april 2015 - NASA