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Winging It

My ceilidh band the Wild Geese were formed in 1996 in Leith, Edinburgh with Martin an incredibly talented musician, singer and artist, and eventually we added in a great bassist, Andy and drummer, Nick and dance caller Annabel. Guy, Martin’s friend was a constant source of great technical advice and so it was with Guy’s help that we acquired our bandwagon - an old very used ex-Courier Mercedes 307D van which we kitted out with coach seats and belts and also with Guys research we installed a reconditioned engine. We called the van  Morrison for such was our rock and roll humour and once we started to get our long distance gigs it was myself who took over the driving.

The van having just been through its MoT test was perked up with oil and screen wash for its journey up north to the next bunch of gigs. The leaking radiator issue on the A9 on Drummochter summit had been resolved with a good gallon or two of Radweld !!

At that time in Scotland the sponsored Irish theme bar scene provided a con…

Hearing the Trumpet


In my younger, lonelier days I always had a hankering to play my Scottish fiddle music in a successful Scottish dance band. Various line-ups had come and gone and although I have played with many gifted musicians, they themselves always seemed to have lots of other and indeed more important musical irons in the fire than just playing Traditional dance music.

So it seemed somewhat of a miracle when the wonderful Scottish ceilidh band called Bon Accord with Hector on drums and calling and Paul and David on virtuoso accordion asked me to play with them at their prestigious residency spot at Dalhousie castle near Gorebridge.

It was really special to hear these guys play and for me to recognise the fact that I could play with them. At that time of my life I was staying in Rosyth and had the misfortune to notice various UFO and paranormal phenomenon attendant on my life. Indeed it did rather seem that at times I was beseiged in my own home by low flying Ufos, b…



In 1996 in Scotland at Newton of Falkland in Fife was witnessed one of the worlds most amazing UFO events. Involving a huge low flying stadium-sized black triangle, fields full of greys and teleporting glowing ‘supervisor’ beings and some very large 30 foot tall beings, lots of wierd lights, like an alien disco, hitek boxes, cocoons in the fields made out of straw and saliva, strange cars driving on the road including half a taxi dissected long ways, poltergeist phenomenon that followed the witnesses home including a little guy that helped the young schoolboy with his maths. Although incredible events took place over several hours and several fields in the Falkland and Freuchie area most seemed to happen over and around ‘Dearkie woods’ a small privately owned wood at Newton of Falkland. The subject of great controversy in Scottish Ufology because of the manner in which it was reported - if we go to Dearkie woods today over a decade later, a huge swathe of trees appear …