In 1996 in Scotland at Newton of Falkland in Fife was witnessed one of the worlds most amazing UFO events. Involving a huge low flying stadium-sized black triangle, fields full of greys and teleporting glowing ‘supervisor’ beings and some very large 30 foot tall beings, lots of wierd lights, like an alien disco, hitek boxes, cocoons in the fields made out of straw and saliva, strange cars driving on the road including half a taxi dissected long ways, poltergeist phenomenon that followed the witnesses home including a little guy that helped the young schoolboy with his maths.
Although incredible events took place over several hours and several fields in the Falkland and Freuchie area most seemed to happen over and around ‘Dearkie woods’ a small privately owned wood at Newton of Falkland.
The subject of great controversy in Scottish Ufology because of the manner in which it was reported - if we go to Dearkie woods today over a decade later, a huge swathe of trees appear to be dead and devastated by the electromagnetic fields of the hovering black triangle that sat at treetop height for 4 hours whilst the incredible ‘invasion’ deployed.

My buddy - often called ‘Dangerous Dave’ because of his intrepid investigations into matters ufological and cultural that few others would touch had accompanied me to the wood to take pictures of the swathe of radiation fried trees.
Dave had a particular interest in the trees because of his stay at the Straighton bi-pass prevention peace camp near Edinburgh which sought to prevent a grove of very ancient and beautiful trees from meeting with the chainsaws of the road developers. People had achieved this by living amongst the trees in tree-houses.

Having kind permission from the farmer to roam and take pictures in the private wood which was essentially their back garden we could see at first hand just how dead a large ufo-sized group of trees had become. We could only speculate what these extra terrestrials were doing in that wood. Were they nesting or planting or did they leave anything behind ? something technological ?

The wood is surrounded by a steep moat and ditch and protected from public intrusion by a barbed wire fence and being a back yard is only accessible to the owners and their family via their farmhouse.
Having heard that a notable Scottish fiddler and composer was in the farmers family history, Dave suggested we head to the violin shop at nearby Falkland where the owner, a scholar of local history kept a few old maps some of which had local iron and bronze age sites marked on them.
Perhaps there were ancient reasons for this 20th Century visitation.

Falkland, half a mile down the road is a notable historic town famous for its palace which was known to be the summer palace of the Jacobean Stewart dynasty in Scotland.
I pulled into the cobbled high street and parked opposite the palace in the first of two parking places.
Dave got out and headed for a ‘hole in the wall’ to withdraw some money whilst I waited in the car.
Dave hadn’t been gone a minute when a police van slowly pulled into the parking space in front and out got two young male and female police officers. Looking up and down the street that Dave had just passed on they walked past my car, giving it a cursory scrutiny and into the Post Office.
Dave returns having got his cash and we pull out travelling down 20 yards to the town monument in the middle of the cobbled road and we do a 180 degree yooey to discover to our amazement when we get round that the Police van has vanished in the few seconds it took to do the turn !!

This was a man-in-black authority figure hologram common to areas of high Ufo activity and dubbed ‘high strangeness’ by Dr J A Hynek in his speech about the ET presence to the United Nations.

Dave has done quite a study on alien illusion power and what he calls the ‘versae pellis’ effect - skin changers known to the Romans, and also famously investigated alleged shapeshifters David Daniels, Robert France and Elsie Wright.
Dave is also in possession of the original set of Cottinglea faerie photos from the Brotherton Collection in Leeds that appear to show the young lady Elsie Wright shapeshifting. Quite a contrast to the more publicised and famous faerie photos.
I’m not sure whether Mr France agrees with his conclusions, but there were witnesses e.g. Brian Mullen who allegedly saw Mr France wink out like a hologram to be replaced by a small Grey  being.

I have also taken photographs of shapeshifting vehicles with my investigation of the Ufo hotspot at Gorebridge, south of Edinburgh, Scotland and I do know that witnesses of the Falkland hill alien intrusion reported seeing weird half-cars driving on the road so anything is possible with this alien holographic technology.
Recent science from Japan illustrates that it is possible for mankind to project primitive holograms that feel solid although a witness reports that a weight-lifter friend was unable to pick up the diminutive frame of someone who was alleged to be an alien hologram.

Our visit to Fife and our tour and investigation of the Falkland area therefore appeared to have been under scrutiny and it does rather appear to us that more than 10 years after the extraordinary events at Newton of Falkland that there is still some sort of alien focus in that area.
It might be an ancient presence there in prehistoric limestone caverns amongst the standing stones in the nearby Lomond hills, or it might also have something to do with an abundance of telecomms arrays on the nearby Falkland hill, or it might have something to do with the many biblical and classical historic place names in the area, but one thing is for sure, there is an active alien presence in the area today.
Whether we call this the faeries or the djinn or the elementals or the Greys, faerie chariots are still travelling over that part of Scotland.

Scottish Andrew


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