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a new class of electrons predicted


many folks won't know what TRE and the other issues are - but this is an important step forward in theoretical physics and I can get back to it later...

see  for the new relativity

other new relativity presentations

It seems to be a mystery how electricity manifests in magnet motors

The Rory Johnson Gallium-Deuterium Fusion Magnetic Motor ‘Therefore, surely magnetism is also the property that holds all structures together (electrons included).’ I would disagree with only that. TRE theory suggests all events driven from interdimensional aether via the law of emergence from chaos theory but are also constrained by particle/sub-atomic particle density in this time space.

Its a universal constant that magnetic molecules are forming and assembling and electrons are forming and assembling by interdimensional emergence from the sub atomic aether at their core. They are continually being supplied and maintained in equilibrium by the power and force o…