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Counterintelligence agenda 2011/2012

My Counterintelligence Agenda for 2011/2012

1. write and edit a bunch of ET contact books making it look like the experiencers are having a good time but they just don’t know it yet.
2. submit a ufo article that says some important UFO event had witnesses doing recreational substances.
3. go onto youtube with half a dozen anonymous ID’s and make out that filmed ufos are floating plastic bags, flying seeds, satellites, lens artefacts
4. if anyone is complaining about being attacked by aliens make them out to be lunatics
5. join facebook lists and friend the establishment UFO players posting flattering comments about absolutely anything they post.
6. head for student type websites and sound educated and rational about reasonable doubt and occams razor and try to cultivate a camaraderie of science and rationalism versus irrationalist belief – encourage young people to have a laugh in an inventive and constructive way.
7. never get refuted by any fact
8. get list of new targets from my ha…

Fungi on Mars


Omnipotent Exopolitics

Omnipotent Exopolitics

Exopolitics it seems is currently hardening its stance towards those who have witnessed and experienced negative trauma inflicted by negative alien/demonic agencies.
It has as a movement focussed on promoting a false sense of magical self-empowerment and entitlement and godhood for the human being.
Advocates of this system of belief are unable to produce empirical evidence of their alleged omnipotence, instead though they feel themselves in a position to berate and castigate those who have been attacked by negative entities as being victims of their own souls disease.

Exopolitics has emerged an apologism for the activities of negative aliens: Somehow, because our souls were impure, we had created the reality of being an alien victim and we had got what we asked for, or deserved. This blame-the-victim reality creation ideology has been associated with much of the flaming on some exopolitical forums.

For example, this post, p4c # 6018 by Stephen Calkins, sugges…

more technological junk on mars


the fundamental assumptions of tripartite essentialism - new technologies

Tripartite Essentialism is built upon a set of assumptions and is technically a description of a complex system of natural laws.

1. The universe is in a state of absolute chaos and flux in both the macrocosm and the microcosm.
2. Order emerges out of chaos. [fusion] a Natural Law
3. Chaos emerges out of order. [entropy and fission]

4. Energy and matter and component particles can be described by wave theory, turbulence and the standing waves or particles take on harmonic and octal attributes.
5. There are no fixed universal constants in the macrocosm.
6. There are no fixed identical particles just classes of particle events with similar properties
7. All energy and matter is in a state of transference from high energy to low energy across a common medium i.e. A to B through C with the minimal intercession of some D.
there are 8 logically real versions of the integrity of that transaction at time1 and 64 at time2, further there are 27 modal logic/transitional states at time1 a…

Interstellar/Interdimensional Operating System


This is the 20 year anniversary of the Tripartite Essentialism discovery that makes advanced civilisation possible for Mankind.

I think God allowed me to have this knowledge (1991AD) so that I would know that it is possible to have all the star trek technologies on Earth now – without recourse to any scientific paradox or alien intervention. So that I would see through the charades of science and not be drawn into its worldly evils.

This article presents the basis of an operating system and computational platform which would potentially be at the heart of almost every gadget or device/ship you see on star trek.

The advanced semantics take the Turing and Goedel problems of the infinite and endless recursion out of computation and knowledge representation.
Basically using the invented knowledge representation system and three part metaphysics, we take every transaction in infinity and assign it to one of a limited and closed series of logical boolean transaction…

Alien Experiment at Gorebridge

The Gorebridge Experiment

Recent developments at Gorebridge UFO hotspot have been the addition of some important paranormal photographers and filmers, and also the setup of a petition to lobby for a public enquiry into the use of Gorebridge airspace – with or without the help of the local Gorebridge MP who suggests that the many events being reported to him are all derived from some one-off thing in the past and thus not in need of any further attention – presumably as its not an issue any more.
His main defence for this stance is in fact that people from Gorebridge have been very slow to come forward – and it can be presumed from this that there is no actual issue.
However the skies and the streets at night in Gorebridge after infrared photography tell a different story. There is definitely lots of activity.

So what is going on now that hasn’t been going on before with these ancient aliens over e.g. the last 500 years or so ?
The local Saint St Cuthbert in about 800AD saw a huge oran…

Peaceful Pride - the asexual in a sexualised society

Peaceful Pride – the asexual in a sexualised society

I’m certain that there are many spiritual people of many types of gender orientation – and that fact is not being disputed here in this article – but I would like to put forward the idea that the state of being asexual is caused by a human soul and spirit that is disengaging from this dimension of dualism, the world. I propose that the asexual is resonating with and drawing from other reasons for being in some other spiritual interdimensional reality other than the world and that the effect of that is celibacy and detachment from worldly issues.

We know that the human soul and its function can be beyond the realm of biology e.g. the Swedish maths graduate who because of hydroencephalitis (water on the brain) had a brain that was 90% water. There was no biological tissue to do the computations required for mathematics. As Dr Raymond Moody and Dr Helen Wambach note in their Near Death Experience research where the NDE’er is travelling…