Counterintelligence agenda 2011/2012

My Counterintelligence Agenda for 2011/2012

1. write and edit a bunch of ET contact books making it look like the experiencers are having a good time but they just don’t know it yet.
2. submit a ufo article that says some important UFO event had witnesses doing recreational substances.
3. go onto youtube with half a dozen anonymous ID’s and make out that filmed ufos are floating plastic bags, flying seeds, satellites, lens artefacts
4. if anyone is complaining about being attacked by aliens make them out to be lunatics
5. join facebook lists and friend the establishment UFO players posting flattering comments about absolutely anything they post.
6. head for student type websites and sound educated and rational about reasonable doubt and occams razor and try to cultivate a camaraderie of science and rationalism versus irrationalist belief – encourage young people to have a laugh in an inventive and constructive way.
7. never get refuted by any fact
8. get list of new targets from my handlers
9. post reality creation ideas from magic books and tell everyone they can be gods.
10. pretend you’re a time traveller that’s part of an above top secret project so secret that nobody else knows about it – then talk an absolute load of rubbish.
11. make up a fun story about 2012 and ascension and then write a two part piece about what happens if earth changes happen in 2012 and one that says that if earth changes don’t happen in 2012 – you went back in time with a bunch of nice aliens and fixed it all.
12. pretend you’re a whistle blower from a deep black government project and talk about Einstein and quantum physics and top secret alien projects names after things from ancient history. Invent particles and strange civilisations and make up excuses why we don’t see any intervention or co-operation
13. write a piece that says mankind doesn’t deserve help because they made the planet warm up with pollution – totally stonewall anyone that talks about sunspot radiation and cosmic rays driving ice ages and warming in other solar system planets
14. collect the government direct debit
15. almost got my officers underground mess dining card – only a few more subversives to profile and write up
16. Invent some new identities for facebook and youtube
17. Meet with my local Fortean group
18. attack anyone that is posting about the demonic hitek ancient aliens stuff
19. go round blogs and websites inspecting images and artwork trying to find misused copyright to report
20. attend UFO conference and heckle and intimidate speakers and witnesses
21. make a fake ufo video waving the camera about at a fixed object like the planet jupiter
22. Make some fake ID's on youtube and go round all the ufo videos hitting the dislike button as many times as possible


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