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The same aliens friendly and interacting with the UK MoD in their diamond shaped ships – were also filmed by JJ Gillies in 2008 taking part in a Paragliding event where they featured a hovering landing platform amidst 2 Diamond UFO’s for a small team of paragliders on the Moorfoot hills escarpment on the Innerleithen road near Gorebridge
Note that the paragliders youtube video has only a few hits in almost 8 years and that the phenomenal proof of aliens collaborating with the UK establishment has remained spectacularly avoided by UK so-called ‘Ufologists’.
What is UK Ufology is MY question ….?????
Sensational stuff coming out of Gorebridge for years and all we get is ‘Bonnybridge’ – when was the last time anyone saw a UFO at Bonnybridge – even at high altitude ?? Wasn’t much after the closure o…

Stargate Edinburgh Tours - with Andrew Hennessey


alien cattle farmers of scotland

Is this corroboration of the John Gillies cattle harvesting footage - in broad daylight do the alien cattle farmers of Crichton valley leave their agricultural implements lying about.
Above is a daylight image of possibly the same implement that was used to grab the nearby human farmers livestock.

Grey Dematerialising at Crichton castle 15th Aug 2015


New Walmart Webcam for NASA - whipround

The next time NASA get funding for a multi-trillion dollar space probe can we please have a world-wide whip-round so they can buy a better webcam out of Walmart bargain department ?

Here is NASA's latest artistic and pixellated offerings from Mars ... a now very smudged crabmonster short on the original detail AND some sort of hedgewitch artwork or astral projection like Mrs Carter of Mars standing on a rock outcrop.
By the time I got to it - it had gotten an alien head added to it by NASA's art department