The same aliens friendly and interacting with the UK MoD in their diamond shaped ships – were also filmed by JJ Gillies in 2008 taking part in a Paragliding event where they featured a hovering landing platform amidst 2 Diamond UFO’s for a small team of paragliders on the Moorfoot hills escarpment on the Innerleithen road near Gorebridge

Note that the paragliders youtube video has only a few hits in almost 8 years and that the phenomenal proof of aliens collaborating with the UK establishment has remained spectacularly avoided by UK so-called ‘Ufologists’.

What is UK Ufology is MY question ….   ?????

Sensational stuff coming out of Gorebridge for years and all we get is ‘Bonnybridge’ – when was the last time anyone saw a UFO at Bonnybridge – even at high altitude ??
Wasn’t much after the closure of the Rechem – polluting incinerator plant about 10+ years ago … BUT GOREBRIDGE with the likes of incredible footage from JJ GILLIES almost every day and night - is getting totally stonewalled.

The last time we sent off a master tape to get scientifically analysed by a so-called UFO group – it came back with Eastenders taped over it …

Has anyone ever heard of Gorebridge at a UK UFO Conference in the last 10 years ??
WHY NOT ??  there’s been plenty ‘prominent’ Ufologists updated and in the know …
Now we have proof of Human Collaboration with Non-Humans in Scotland …. Oh I know lets do a Roswell or Bonnybridge feature at our conference … right


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