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Thar Chinese Lanterns get Everywhere


The Collective Mind in Scotland


Ghostly Curiosity

looks like a glowing interdimensional humanoid - curious about curiosity rover on mars

Hiveheadz of Scotland



Without dwelling on teleportation too much - I realise that there may be around 144 different ways to do it with 6 technological strategies and 24 particle events and maybe half of those are beyond our technology. That still leaves a big selection of methods. - I suspect though that the locals maybe got to see number 144 in action – a process only possible with alien elements and components but are actually working on or were given some dysfunctional and inefficient resource-heavy cocktail that doesn’t quite deliver. There are, therefore, imo, about 144 ways to beam up Captain Kirk

What ill-informed teleportation recipe they wasted their time and monies on can remain their horrid little secret. I'm pretty sure these people didn't suspect that there could be about 144 ways to do it - maybe in their wildest ill-informed dreams there were 4 or 5 !!
It doesn't surprise me that they wouldn’t want to find out what their own problems are – probably …

Stargate Edinburgh Tours

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Atomic Vortex Theory - Kelvin

You can see in the quotes below from Wiki how the truth of chaos and fluid dynamics in particle vortices was evident in 1877 but was then buried repeatedly in the next 100 years – for the wiki article to state that Kelvins Atomic Vortex Theory was ‘wrong-headed’ and replaced by Quantum physics with its innate particle wave duality paradox which no-one can solve without recourse to the aether which was made taboo or Kelvins chaos vortices. How for 100 years we are stuck with an unworkable particle physics model called QED with a Central Paradox instead of using a more realistic and natural general systems theory approach to the explanation of matter in terms of natural chaos forms.

Kelvin in 1902 may not have had the computers to work on chaos theory but in 1992 at the Santa Fe Institute supercomputing and complexity modelling although seeming to toe the prescribed line re NOT articulating the newly discovered chaos law of emergence and its c…

the god of unreason

I was disturbed to see Richard Dawkins do an advert for his upcoming show on whatever TV channel it was … to the sound of aesthetic keyboards and images of little birdies feeding their chicks in a nest .. Richard Dawkins enthuses that more and more people are becoming aware that there is no God ……

Before I go there with that one and start venting on all the miracles and interdimensional Angelic intercessions at e.g. exorcisms by Stella Davis … I really want to try and understand where Richard is coming from.

Richard as we know is a scientist or so he says .. and as the fairy tale goes – it’s the reasonable burden of diligent peer review and the reasoning powers of those with Doctorates to take the forefront on mankind forward little by little in reasonable steps.
Reason – is the god of Richard Dawkins – or at least so we are led to believe.
In 1992 in Oxbridge universities, Richard had a fellow reasonable scientist in his Biology faculty called Brian Goodwin whose cutting edge …

Andrew Hennessey - Biography

Andrew Hennessey, are you a scientist, a folklorist?What are you exactly?

I can best describe myself as a researcher and archivist of oral and visual UFO phenomena and paranormal activity in Scotland, especially in the Edinburgh area.I also investigate folklore accounts, as not only are these interesting, they often provide the oral tradition or background information that is perhaps missing from an actual event.In my research, moreover, photographs, video evidence and first-hand accounts are very important, as they are the primary sources that I rely on.In this respect, I am a realist who believes that what we see, hear and touch make up our basic human reality and have every reason to be taken seriously, whether these experiences are easily explicable or not.
If by ‘scientist’ what is referred to is someone who wants to find out the truth, in the best sense of the word, I can say yes, I am a scientist as well, but if what is meant is someone who is interested only in the processes un…

I'm a Dissident Scientist - its official

My Tripartite Essentialism Theory from 1991 and I have been listed in the Dissident Scientists List of 2012, 2014, 2016.  Not sure what that means being classified as a scientific dissident. I’m sure though that its not hard to be a scientific dissident given you could drive a double decker bus through some of the contradictions that are apparent in the current paradigm. I suppose that one of the first ever dissident scientists was Galileo who had the socially intolerable idea that the Earth went round the sun. In this sense dissidence is merely the practise of the scientific method outlined by Philosopher of Science Karl Popper in his 'Conjectures and Refutations', London, 1962 when he suggested that with the use of inductive modelling scientists should take 'bold conjectural leaps' with predictive models that would either be proved right or wrong ie. falsified. The scientific method, Popper argued, should depend on such 'bold conjectures' and the effort to pr…

Scientific Blindness

Scientific Blindness to maintain the Public Disinterest.
In a week where in the UK the Head astronomer Dr Rees suggests that anyone who sees Ufos is a kook – the UK approach to debunking Ufos here is probably far more direct than in the USA. The two different methods in use by spooks do overlap – but generally in the UK witnesses tend to be put down by establishment collar and tie and tweed jacket stereotypes waving their credentials. Uncle Sam though – the land of the free seems to have a different and perhaps more efficient and sophisticated approach to debunking – a chaos of perplexing contradictions and alternatives – semantic dissonance. In the UK – people like Dr Rees from the overlord south of England are not generally respected for their ridiculous assertions – so obviously against the run of common sense. They can be disregarded very easily.

In the UK people tend to associate high society establishment types with the batch of detached politicians who were roundly booed at th…