I'm a Dissident Scientist - its official

My Tripartite Essentialism Theory from 1991 and I have been listed in the Dissident Scientists List of 2012, 2014, 2016.  Not sure what that means being classified as a scientific dissident. I’m sure though that its not hard to be a scientific dissident given you could drive a double decker bus through some of the contradictions that are apparent in the current paradigm. I suppose that one of the first ever dissident scientists was Galileo who had the socially intolerable idea that the Earth went round the sun. In this sense dissidence is merely the practise of the scientific method outlined by Philosopher of Science Karl Popper in his 'Conjectures and Refutations', London, 1962 when he suggested that with the use of inductive modelling scientists should take 'bold conjectural leaps' with predictive models that would either be proved right or wrong ie. falsified. The scientific method, Popper argued, should depend on such 'bold conjectures' and the effort to prove or disprove them. By definition a dissident is one who challenges the established order or doctrine, but science should never be an established doctrine written in stone - it should always be willing to progress. Its odd that the idea of 'scientific doctrine' actually comes up - there can rationally be no such thing - As many of us may know - current particle physics and cosmology is based on various paradoxes that cannot be explained and is based on persistently ignoring many refutations that urge us to discard current models in use and apply our known data to other more efficacious models. These remodellings have not been happening e.g. the Big Bang never happened by Lerner (from 1992) - check that site out and also note the free energy motors being built all over the world that use various ways to extract free energy from the [allegedly] non-existent aether. 250,000 motorists in the USA run their hydrocell converted autos on free energy - thats a quarter of a million refutations of the known laws of physics and we know that logically, it should take only one. Why it takes more than millions is the rub though - as there does appear to be a scientific doctrine [the idea of a scientific doctrine is a contradiction] cast in stone that appears to be keeping mankind in the stone age. Actually mankinds elite don't use these laws to send their ships out to the stars - but the stone carvings called physics left for us are getting more and more ridiculous with the advent of each new free energy motor.

http://www.andrewhennessey.co.uk/thenewphysics.pdf for the Physics free ebook

The premis for over coming the paradox that stops all the star trek technologies from happening actually isn't rocket science - its pretty obvious. Currently computers trying to work things out about the universe are dealing with an infinity of objects and arbitrary names we give them which don't mean anything - as a result the computer gets confused and can't stop processing infinity and this is called the Halting problem which science will tell you - if wiki is science lol - cannot be solved - ever.

But thats just hokum - for at a more atomic level - by way of analogy - every infinite object in infinity is actually made up of a limited number of atomic elements e.g. around 200 and if we had some computer working with logic at an atomic level with atomic descriptions and their relationships we would not have a problem computing objects and events because there can only ever be a limited and closed number of them - rather like the limited closed set of elements in the periodic table of chemistry. NO HALTING PROBLEM therefore and no doubt my Nobel Prize is 'in the post'.
\before I came to the Logic programming bit -  at the turn of the 20th century, Russell and Wittgenstein already laid the foundations of this way of seeing things - they called it Logical Atomism.
I not only have a programmable solution to the Halting problem but have developed a process that could potentially be at the heart of an interstellar industrial revolution - making possible all the visions of technology we see in Star trek.
One cartoon science for mankind and one different science and set of rules for the Corporations.

and for the programming sketch for Artificial General intelligence using logic programming : 


The associated engineers of Jean de Climont associates Ltd have just completed the updating of their dissident scientists list.

It incudes nearly 7000 names. It is now presented in the form of a directory.
 It includes for each scientist the home page, the category, some key words related to his position. There are also categories intended for easy searching of main topics.

You may consult the list (HTML format) within our home page, domain name editionsassailly.com

The directory is also available within Google Books reference :



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