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how atoms form from the aether

Atoms are the tip of the energy iceberg.

How atoms form from the aether – a model [Hennessey, 1991]

the analogy is that out of the vast ocean of the aether, dark matter, in our local planetary cosmic bubble that is warmer and in a different state of warmth and higher energy than the ice of dark and light matter, a related pyramid of dependencies form that is exposed to the freezing cosmic weather of other aspects of the cosmos. This creates particles aka ice, dark matter ice atoms below the dark matter water level and visible light matter ice.

Cold polar wind, e.g. cosmic currents of other cooler aethers driven by other distant to our local universe and analogously stellar, massive cosmic processes that are actually local - emerge the crystalline structure of a freezing process or iceberg. Chaos in the dark matter ocean gets slowed down gets cooled down and slightly less chaotic to change state into an area bound by the telic organising process of the relativity of emergence and order o…