how atoms form from the aether

Atoms are the tip of the energy iceberg.

How atoms form from the aether – a model [Hennessey, 1991]

the analogy is that out of the vast ocean of the aether, dark matter, in our local planetary cosmic bubble that is warmer and in a different state of warmth and higher energy than the ice of dark and light matter, a related pyramid of dependencies form that is exposed to the freezing cosmic weather of other aspects of the cosmos. This creates particles aka ice, dark matter ice atoms below the dark matter water level and visible light matter ice.

Cold polar wind, e.g. cosmic currents of other cooler aethers driven by other distant to our local universe and analogously stellar, massive cosmic processes that are actually local - emerge the crystalline structure of a freezing process or iceberg. Chaos in the dark matter ocean gets slowed down gets cooled down and slightly less chaotic to change state into an area bound by the telic organising process of the relativity of emergence and order out of chaos.

This produces a hierarchical pyramid of simples chaotically emerging, assembling, upwelling chains of ever more coarse and discernible particles that eventually become recognisable light matter atoms. This telically growing pyramid of the iceberg below the water or darkmatter/light matter barrier is finer, but relatively solid compared to the aethers of the surrounding ocean but when the superstructure of ice [atoms] emerges through the finer and more fluid aether into our realm of visible light matter - this process locally tends to be one way and end based although there is entropy [atomic degradation] involved in the homeostasis.
Every atom of light matter therefore is continuously [the tip of the iceberg] at every moment emerging from a pyramid of dark matter – being both a particle and wave at the same time.

Each atom is a constrained vortex of grainy aether in harmonic resonance devoid of any true universal constants, and its internal structure and proportions are dynamic.
The atomic particle is actually a temporally consistent three dimensional standing wave that cannot exist independent of the aetheric substrate from which it is continually derived.
Each subatomic particle of the big visible vortex we call a light matter atom is made up of vortexes which have emerged from other microscale vortices from which have emerged …. etc

A relative pyramid of intimately dependent and related sub atomic processes contribute to an evergrowing pyramid of particle relativity such that the end based process of chaos emergence from this complexity is the visible light matter particles that are upthrust through the sea of aether.

The velocity of the light matter upthrust - is a cascade down a gradient from dark matter to light matter - and each new light matter atom tries to squeeze into and emerge into other light matter and is compacted into shape by pressures from the adjacent light matter - thus producing an aether-pressure-driven set of internal shell relationships [e.g. there is no Plancks constant]

The atoms, the tips of each iceberg, to further the analogy, are constrained in size and distribution by the relative pressure of the surrounding ice and the conditions of ice formation produced by cosmic cooling weather – driven from local and distant massive processes and exchanges within these relative aethers.

The rate and growth of new particle ice formation [light matter atoms] is constrained by cosmic cooling weathers and local distribution and physical a priori context/ topography and exposure to aetheric cosmic ocean currents relative to the topography of the dark matter cosmic ocean floor and polar cap etc

I've been saying this for 20 - that is TWENTY YEARS

This year, 2011AD I am never going to talk about these ideas ever again given the abundance of meritorious people in the field of free energy physics referenced the new physics PDF file

in truth the so-called new physics that has emerged has been rehashes of Einsteinian models that have been twisted to fit almost surreal observations and holes in the einsteinian paradigm and its derivatives.

e.g. the lack of chaos theory and spontaneous particle mutation in Paul la Violettes free energy physics might be technically ok with a little generator in a garage but were these untenable issues be scaled up to something the size of a power station then the results could be disastrous with large scale energy disruptions and our unadvised technical capacity to attenuate them.

What has emerged in the last 20 years as an alternative to my own model - by both natural and unnatural peer selection has been a dinosaur hybrid of Einstein, string theory and quantum theory replete with the old paradoxes and alleged constants. I personally don't agree with any of the former ideologies and models.

There are some people though who have plenty truth in physics and its these highly educated people and their intellects who must thrash out the inconsistencies, differences and paradoxes in the various approaches to the facts that the old paradigm and its inherited models and constraints must be abandoned.

You don't see a PhD next to my name - thats because I don't know enough to help out.


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