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Gorebridge UFO hotspot in pictures

Andrew Hennessey, Ufologist - a Short Biography

A Short Biography and Synopsis of my research. 100 pages and to the point.
Subtitle; The essential Andrew Hennessey - projected release date of this book is before April 2012.
It covers everything that I have been into in Ufology and the Paranormal in a succinct way.

Passing Away

To quote the recent words of Jackie Gillies who truthfully says that 'when we look up at the night sky we are being blinded by the past.'
The extra-solar night sky is full of allegations of events that took place a long long time ago but which do not reflect reality in any recent moment.
Galaxies no longer there - wherever there was billions of years ago is not there now.
The night sky therefore is full of images from the long forgotten past that do not tell us anything about the reality of the moment as it truly now is.
Perhaps these images of a lost past also block out images of some unrecognised present.
Even all the images of the now that we see and in which we live – its mundane objects etc are also subject to entropy, chaos and disorder and are also technically, physically, empirically more degraded every moment they sit there seeming to do nothing.
Basically our world of props and furnishings and social fabric is also receding into some distant and entropically degra…


by Andrew Hennessey

In Edinburgh, Scotland, between the years of 1996 and the millennium, there operated a small think tank based at a social club in Edinburgh.

Our group was called the Transformation Studies Group.
Our emblem was the Butterfly – after the ‘Butterfly effect’ so called because in natural chaos tiny changes can have huge consequences.
It was formed to study the world and the things in it, which contributed to the great changes of mind, body, spirit and global social fabric that we were all witnesses to.
It was conducted in a spiritual and ecumenical manner, attracting; scientists, new age practitioners, greens, journalists, scholars, government representatives, entrepreneurs and artists.

We had the almost undivided attention and patronage of one of Scotland’s greatest scholars in Ethnology and Secret Societies in Robert Brydon who it did seem was the real life template for the film by Steven Spielberg called ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’.

Anunnaki are not mining metallic gold

The big problem with staying in a world alongside fallen angels and their descendants the Nephilim and their hitek demonic janitorial staff is that quite often things get changed about in the most misleading way.
When I first came across the works of Sitchin I thought that I had finally found the underpinning explanations for why reptilians – or more specifically the Anunnaki had come to earth.

In space ships every other blue moon or something like that – and their hitek scaleyness will again strut its stuff amongst us in times like 2012 and other dates that look cool.
They built big temples and phallic symbols, can look like humans when they want and everybody who reads Sitchin will tell you that they went away a long time ago either underground to cities like Shamballah or Nagaland or back to their planet Nibiru and its moons which is supposed to be on its way back from wherever it went – though as yet there isn’t any sign of it.
That fact of absence by the way means nothing in a…

Greys on the Ground at Gorebridge


it's not for gold

The common perception of the status quo on planet earth is that it is run by a greedy elite of about 10% who own about 90% of the wealth.
Our notion of the elite is that they appear to be an uncaring and exploitative bunch of people who conspire in their economic self-interest to manufacture economic and geo-political cataclysms for their own fiscal/monetary profit.
Such is their aggression in the pursuit of profit so the myth goes that whole nation states once great with records of upholding human rights in the labour force can be made into third world economies and whole third world economies once lowly with no human rights in the labour force can be made into foremost economic empires with no human rights in the labour force so as to maximise profits from low wages.

Meanwhile with an exponential rise in the consumption of all planetary resources accompanied by a parallel exponential rise in toxic waste – the planet is allegedly turning into an arid and toxic and mined-out disease-…

Tesla - a planet without suffering

Its long been thought that Nikola Tesla had worked out the secrets of anti-gravity in theories such as the theory of Environmental Energy and other epic experiments which were seized by the authorities.
It is also possible that Tesla’s spinning high voltage discs held the secrets to many of the drive systems on display through the suppressed electrogravity research of the 20th century including Townsend Brown circa 1938 and De Palma in 1992, Searle, 1999.
In the extract from Tesla’s 1900 article below we can see him using analogies from the natural world to make predictions/conjectures about the performance of unknowns e.g. gravity as an airstream etc is part of the genre of an ocean of subatomic energy and aether that proponents of paradox-ridden Einstein and his spin-off theories like the ‘god particle’, superstrings, quantum paradox etc have tried to suppress.

Tesla was critical of Einstein's relativity work, calling it:

...[a] magnificent mathematical garb which fascinate…


What is Andrew Hennessey predicting for 2012?
Questions by Frank Ferguson

2012 is probably going to pass without a geological cataclysm – that is not to say that it cannot or will not happen – its just that geological and cosmic movements are subject to chaos theory not the clockwork of solstices etc and some event may yet happen in the window of 2010-2015 given that 2012 was probably first calculated/estimated on some alien computer. These beings may not have taken into account minute changes to be later introduced to the gravitational field in the solar system and galaxy which could produce a knock-on (‘butterfly’) effect in the timing that could not be simulated many thousands of years ago when the calculations were first done.

I suspect that 2012 could reveal even more orchestrated affront to the Christian church across the globe but that the materialism and hedonism and animalism being used to attempt to usurp human grace will produce a reaction in some of its target audience th…