What is Andrew Hennessey predicting for 2012?
Questions by Frank Ferguson

2012 is probably going to pass without a geological cataclysm – that is not to say that it cannot or will not happen – its just that geological and cosmic movements are subject to chaos theory not the clockwork of solstices etc and some event may yet happen in the window of 2010-2015 given that 2012 was probably first calculated/estimated on some alien computer. These beings may not have taken into account minute changes to be later introduced to the gravitational field in the solar system and galaxy which could produce a knock-on (‘butterfly’) effect in the timing that could not be simulated many thousands of years ago when the calculations were first done.

I suspect that 2012 could reveal even more orchestrated affront to the Christian church across the globe but that the materialism and hedonism and animalism being used to attempt to usurp human grace will produce a reaction in some of its target audience that will bring mankind closer to God.

I also suspect that major overhead orbiting machinery will be used to modify weather and geology and that more events like the shaking of Christchurch in New Zealand will take place.

I predict that the ‘god particle’ will get relegated to being a demi-god or demi-semi-god particle as the power and technical calibre of our measuring equipment evolves and upgrades.
I strongly suspect that the Higgs boson – the alleged ‘god particle’ has been caused by limited technical observations and is but one of the many hybrid particle events in the noted ‘particle zoo’ and that there is no end to the divisibility of particles.

What predictions has Andrew made that have come true?

I predicted that there will never be any Disclosure no matter who or what became president of anywhere. This because co-operating multinational companies who profited from alien research on taxpayers/citizens could be sued by them for a pro-rata share of the profits because human industries could perhaps be shown to be accessories to the facts of human rights abuse by alien industrial partners.
I also predicted with my cosmology that black holes would eject secondary and tertiary stars – that the process of going through a black hole was not just one way. This was verified by astronomical observation. 'black holes will create and eject secondary and tertiary stars'
andrew hennessey 2004 [indicated by quasar HE0450-2958 in 2009AD]

Does Andrew believe it is possible for modern day prophets of God to be given visions of future events?
I think that if our Father wants to speak in the world and to the world – that he can choose anyone and anything to get his message heard.

What does Andrew tell us is happening right now . . . In physical universe, with God, on planet earth, in China, Europe, US?

On planet Earth, the elite appear to be waging contention against core human values such as family, mother, nurture, altruism, modesty and human grace. The undermining of Christian values is one indication of this. They are also in the process of dismantling traditions and nation states and have put many cultural traditions in the big blender to produce a ‘grey soup’.
The increased emphasis on allegations of reason and science gives the veneer of rationality but the scientific method and practise has notably failed to deliver any real progress to mankind because of the political agenda to cull the human race noted in e.g. UN Agenda 21.

How has Andrew's fiddle music changed from 5 years ago?

Today I am playing more public events for Scottish dancing than ever but have also developed new adventures into the electronic music genre. I am in the process of developing for concerts a Scottish Soundscapes set which is improvisation on 6 string violin against a canvas of natural sounds.

What do these changes in his music composing and playing tell us about Scottish Andrew and his pilgrimage?

I’m very much into diverse musical genres – and my compositions reflect my past roots in Scottish fiddle orchestras and my interest in Medieval and American music.

What do the symbols in Andrew's multimedia presentations mean?

There are many allusions to hidden truths in the art and symbolism of the past.
The Free Energy presentation for example has a lot of native cultural art that I think looks like some particle events and I also use symbolic art to remind people who I am and where I have come from.


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