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Selfless Resonance

Selfless resonance
Having weathered several years of close attention from the demonic Greys which was passing itself off as some sort of starwars close encounters, I eventually came to the realisation that these; archons, djinn, faeries, elementals, greys were in fact a legion of demons in silver suits. Sure they have the appearance of technology and I have lots of images taken by myself of greys and their holographic personnel and vehicles and have collected many contemporary stories to vindicate my own experiences but many people just don’t get how long this dark interaction has been going on for. It is most certainly biblical.
With all the talk of star trek federations and silver spaceships and stargate jump rooms and deep space platforms most people are led to believe that our relationship with these creatures is within the limitations of human reason and its mathematics and (alleged) physics.
With the exopolitics movement with a track record of having a decade of sweeping the victim…

What the heck is that flying about at Gorebridge ?


Insecta Greys - natural teleporters ?

Teleportation amongst Insecta in nature ?

We often hear from abductees how the insectoid Greys and Mantis types appear to have the mastery of interdimensional teleportation. Could it be though that secret black budget treaties alleged to have been made by western governments for e.g. the American Deep Space Platform with Lockheed, Boeing and Lear corporations have been deceived by the illusion and promise of technology ?

What IF the Greys, like others of their general phylum insecta are actually Natural teleporters and do not need technology or even use it to teleport ? If the scientific observations about the hive orientated termites and their teleporting Queen quoted below from Marais are empirically true today, then black ops personnel have been barking up the wrong taxonomic tree !!

The Soul of the White Ant by Eugène N. Marais - Translated by Winifred de Kok, 1937
First published in Afrikaans under the title Die Siel van die Mier

Just before her majesty finally outgrows her cell…

Greys at Gorebridge, Scotland

As I've been saying - Gorebridge, Midlothian Scotland, 15 miles south of Edinburgh the capital of Scotland seems to have lots and lots of alien activity - in this picture you can see a Grey walking over someones roof in the Gowkshill/Barleyknowe area of Gorebridge. This picture was taken from the old Blinkbonny mine/Roman Camp which is also a hotspot of alien goings on ...

They have lived amongst us

They have lived amongst us since ancient times - the stone spherical carvings are pollen grains that they used to draw energy from the generative powers of the growing land like voodoo - and they could see the energies flow through the land - we cannot

The Outer Space Security and Development Treaty

The Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2011 [Video 14min] | Science, Space, and Ufo news
The "Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2011" establishes a framework and procedures to assure that space will be a neutral realm from which all classes of weapons are banned and from which no hostile action shall be taken toward Earth or the surrounding cosmos. This is a treaty proposed by Carol Rosin former assistant to Wehrner Von Braun founder of the US Space program and Black Ops scientist with Lockheed ‘Skunkworks’ on the ‘American Deep Space Platform’ of the 1950’s-70’s
Andrew Hennessey: The Treaty proponents assume all alien species are civilised prohuman and friendly - along the lines of ALL Aliens are Good. as we know folks just cannot logically assert that never having met them all…

21st Century Space Faerie Tales

Andrew Hennessey’s Close Encounters of the Malevolent Kind in 2003
These are basically modern faerie tales couched in the language and culture of their day and as far as I'm concerned - they were very real for me ...  I do have some photos and things to back some of this up - but its basically the faeries in 'silver space suits' .
These are excerpts from my encounter stories 'The Turning of the Tide' free ebook on the net
THE IMPERIAL PRINCESS Having been involved in the amazing ET contact scenario in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland at the millennium where a group of worthies were filming and photographing materialisations, low flying small spaceships and one or two enormous big ships over the estuary of the river Forth near Gullane, Edinburgh, there had been considerable international interest in the reports generated by the footage. This despite the fact that those who decided what the news was didn't think this film that looked li…