The Outer Space Security and Development Treaty

The Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2011 [Video 14min] | Science, Space, and Ufo news

The "Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2011" establishes a framework and procedures to assure that space will be a neutral realm from which all classes of weapons are banned and from which no hostile action shall be taken toward Earth or the surrounding cosmos. This is a treaty proposed by Carol Rosin former assistant to Wehrner Von Braun founder of the US Space program and Black Ops scientist with Lockheed ‘Skunkworks’ on the ‘American Deep Space Platform’ of the 1950’s-70’s

Andrew Hennessey: The Treaty proponents assume all alien species are civilised prohuman and friendly - along the lines of ALL Aliens are Good. as we know folks just cannot logically assert that never having met them all ...

We should not of course take the first step towards belligerence but neither should we a priori assume that there is no belligerence at all that takes steps towards us

One might say "If you want peace, prepare for peace". Which would be better than the usual "If you want peace prepare for war"...

The exopolitical movement and its stance towards alien contact, however, echoes this idea about think-creating peaceful scenarios - but data from folklore accounts from many sources suggests that ‘omnipotence of thought’ has been historically ineffective in dealing with abductions

Some say that abductions are part of a deal struck with certain negative aliens by earth-based authority and that as long as we do not have all the data on those things, we cannot exopolitically argue for armaments in space citing abductions as supporting that – although it is unlikely the public could argue that in making such a treaty behind our backs the governments have conspired to do us good.

We can say that some of space is good for us and some of space is bad for us - as a species we should take note of good things and bad things, facilitating our evolution with the good things and defending ourselves from the bad things. The modern day vision of Milabs and exopolitics has it that alien encounters and abductions are 20th century phenomenon based on human military in concrete bunkers - but in truth the phenomenon is millennia old and there is a substantial body of global folklore to illustrate this - the establishment is trying to avoid the use of the D - word - to characterise the encounters - demonic

Sepp Hasslberger: ‘We should for sure prepared for any eventuality, yet we should be careful not to lightly stir up hornets' nests. We should approach space without preconceptions, but we do need all the information we can get.’

It’s agreed that a social escalation of J A Hyneks 'High Strangeness' is undesirable - but there are human rights issues for people on the social fringes with this phenomenon who are vilified, denied mocked and written off as collateral damage by the establishment - so I think there is a need to inform and explain to victims when it is required. The UK for example is terrible at covering up non-human abuse and Amnesty International does not recognise such things.

According to Hasslberger - 'the primary problem is the refusal to acknowledge the reality of the existence and the presence in earth space of non-earth cultures and interests.'   I might add that in defining Space’ we should be speaking of Inner and Outer Space and Interdimensional Space.

Carol Rosin's initiative for peace in space though may come in useful.

There needs, however, to be an acknowledgement of even the apparent extra terrestrial ships in NASA data - but I have a suspicion that if governments made treaties with negative non-human realities involving offering up citizens and tax payers and subsequently profited from the alien exploitation of them - that Disclosure would probably be unprofitable if citizens subsequently sued Governments for being accessories to the facts of these alien abuses.

The other issue is more dreadful - though some evidence seems to point to it - that some of the non-human activity on earth [Some not all] appears to be antithetic to the human spiritual condition - and modern reports of this dark targetting fit very much with what has been reported throughout the millennia round the world. Its unlikely the governments are going to announce and verify some sort of hellish interdimensional reality. If they did though perhaps it would open up the global debate towards looking at many of the reported miracles in a more heaven-centered way ?

Carol Rosin’s initiative is valuable but her belief from Von Braun and others was the idea that the 'attack from space' threat is manufactured as a new ‘war on space terror’ so the governments could find excuses to spend more money on and make more money from space. The threat from space though - however misused - according to the many thousands of witness reports here on Earth ancient and modern is Real - so Carol is not seeing or recognising the plight of abductees here and now on earth - nor did Von Braun - I suppose though that any legislation that defines peace in space ought to have a mechanism that can recognise 'not peace in space' !! - one would assume.

Sepp Hasslberger: 'It looks like we cannot rely on governments to do the disclosing, to initiate the recognition of an extraterrestrial reality. Even Carol Rosin's initiative - as good as it looks - is pretty much dead in the water as it does require government action on something that isn't even recognized.

What would be needed, I believe, is disclosure from the bottom up. Collect the stories, find the data, make contact, tell people. Existing UFO groups aren't any good either. A new opening is needed, one that bypasses the carefully constructed roadblocks to real disclosure that have swayed most current efforts.

How to do it? I don't know - yet.'
Carol Rosin, like Dr Greer, Dr Salla and Dr Boylan of expolitics chooses to turn a blind eye to a demonic alien incursion here on Earth now as it was done to us in ancient times.
The demons in silver suits have always been about its true – but so is the miraculous reality of Angelic intercession here on Earth.
The establishment don’t want us to recognise ancient demonic aliens but try to give us a science-ficton star trek-like federations that originates in the America of the 1950’s.
This is a fallacy and deception and it is designed to take the world of mankind away from the very real salvation of Christ.

The very name of Christ has power of these alleged intergalactic travellers on Earth whose illusions and holograms may be wearing either the expected or the frightening of todays sartorial elegance – and if it were widely known that Christ has such power- then the Dark Fallen angels who orchestrate the charades here on Earth would have a real battle on their claws in the hear and now.


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