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Stargate Tours Digital Archive

Here is a list of significant photographs taken by Andrew Hennessey of Stargate Tours  the tours     the book
LIST OF PARANORMAL  PHOTOGRAPHS Small black triangles - [Carrington] classic flying saucer - [Edinburgh] Short Grey - [the camp] Long Grey - [Gorebridge, Barleyknowe] Heart-shaped head humanoid - [Crichton valley & Edinburgh] flying witch - [the camp] black demonic locus - [Rosyth] shapechanging cars - [Dalhousie] interdimensional craft - [Carrington] parked ufo - [the camp] emplacement of alien equipment - [Carrington] UAV’s - alien - [the camp, Dalhousie & Carrington] large conical stealth field - [Carrington & the camp] small conical stealth field - [Crichton valley & the camp] oval stealth field - [the camp] short reptilian - [the camp] portable high energy equipment - [Crichton valley] odd fixture on Gorebridge roof - [Gorebridge] oceanic-type orbs - [Edinburgh, Rosyth] demonic ectoplasm - [Edinburgh

Scottish Mountain Giants

north end of glencoe - etive mor - looks like a 150 foot high doorway into a network of volcanic chambers  the tour   the book  the glencoe area
this is why the dwarves and hobbits have Scottish accents in LOTR !! good 5 day expedition taking in some extra-ordinary places next summer


PARAMORPHOLOGY (Supraphysical)

(geology) a change in the physicalstructure of a mineral without any chemical change (supraphysical) a change in the physical appearance of an entity or manifestation without any change of agenda or relationship with the observer.

In the study of the Paranormal there does seem to be a wondrous variety of form - but what if things were not really as they appeared to be - appearances being deceptive. On the one hand we know eternity has to be full of infinite wonder but on the other and closer to home, our planet does appear to be infested with darkly behaving non-human intelligence with a capacity for nonsense. Paramorphology being a general word can be applied to mathematics and physical sciences but it can also be applied to the study of mutating forms empirically observed within Paranormal research. At present countless ‘ghost hunting’ clubs have sprung up all over the western world perhaps to fill the vacuum left by the perceived failure of some of the rel…