Stargate Tours Digital Archive

Here is a list of significant photographs taken by Andrew Hennessey of Stargate Tours

Small black triangles - [Carrington]
classic flying saucer - [Edinburgh]
Short Grey - [the camp]
Long Grey - [Gorebridge, Barleyknowe]
Heart-shaped head humanoid - [Crichton valley & Edinburgh]
flying witch - [the camp]
black demonic locus - [Rosyth]
shapechanging cars - [Dalhousie]
interdimensional craft - [Carrington]
parked ufo - [the camp]
emplacement of alien equipment - [Carrington]
UAV’s - alien - [the camp, Dalhousie & Carrington]
large conical stealth field - [Carrington & the camp]
small conical stealth field - [Crichton valley & the camp]
oval stealth field - [the camp]
short reptilian - [the camp]
portable high energy equipment - [Crichton valley]
odd fixture on Gorebridge roof - [Gorebridge]
oceanic-type orbs - [Edinburgh, Rosyth]
demonic ectoplasm - [Edinburgh]
winged draco - [the camp]
cone-headed humanoid - [the camp]
holographic transit van - [the camp]
ghost-rider Crichton castle - [Crichton castle]
Loch Ness monsters - [Urquhart castle]
Draco-female - [the camp]
alien cattle farming equipment - [Crichton valley]
parked small ufo - [Carrington]
giant doorway in Etive Mor -  [Glencoe]
large egg-shaped ships - [Firth of Forth, Edinburgh]


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