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The Freedom of Disinformation

The Freedom of Disinformation.

Every now and then someone will ask a relevant question to the establishment about aliens and then the press pick up on it.
The press track record for such realities is abysmal – having lampooned the Robert Taylor incident at Dechmont Wood in West Lothian as the result of being affected by contact with psychotropic substances growing in the woods. Indeed over the years we have had to read about the low flying planet Venus, seizures, water towers reflecting light, piezzo electric effects from volcanic rock and any number of inappropriate pseudo-rational explanations that take away from the fact that it was probably a close encounter with something that came from above – and the police thought so too and said so in their files.
In response to a feb 2013 member of the public's FOI Act enquiry about "what provisions have been put in place for our inevitable encounter" with aliens, Glasgow City Council said they would be welcome. 11th Feb 2013.…

Getting the Advantage

Our perceptions of how the world around us works are probably nothing much to do with the underpinning realities of the paranormal and demonic powers at play that operate in stealth mode upon us all.

I’m arriving more and more at the idea that souls are born into the world with the potential to be equally brilliant but that their circumstances and spiritual and environmental context puts the demonic into their reality.

For some how this happens takes the form of the manifestation of ‘luck’ and a life of ease where artificial success puts upon a relatively undeveloped and unrehearsed soul a stupour. The soul is lulled to sleep whilst a war of spiritual negation is waged upon the being.
How many striving people in despair therefore witnessing untalented individuals ‘making it big’ ?
The despair factory of Earth is part of the soul mining agenda spoken of by Nigel Kerner and indeed myself in works like Harvesting the Disconnected.

For many, however life is all about things going wrong, …

Who wants desolation ?

UN Agenda 21 – the global ‘sustainability’ program is based on the lie that intensive agriculture, industry and technology has to be dirty and expensive to the planet. Given the available free energy technologies to implement - this planet and its environment could probably supply ten times the current global population, create water and irrigate deserts, clean and transmute pollution etc It deliberately sets out to undermine the support for large human populations and is a prescription for social disease as its measures seek to increase the cost of energy and food, (to save the planet etc) whilst its advocates promote the ‘dumbing down’ of education because educated people are heavier on planetary resources. Sustainability in this context is quite the reverse – it is the deliberate creation of unsustainable conditions for large numbers of people i.e. eugenics. Why would seemingly reasonable people with suits ignore real and innovative technological solutions and create disease and…

Happy Hadron and Hadron Bill


And a million more in a million ways
prayed for peace and an end to the days
of war
with graphics so intense in all our social media
our spirit has no defence
Prophets here and losses there
bombarded the fragile senses
some there thought to save the trees
others fomented anti-human hate and disease
eugenics on the social networks

Then cults and sects like Hadron Bill
channelled dark confusion
ready for the harvest.

Hadron Bill was a man with a plan
with an invisible friend called Happy Hadron
on a magical journey with a masterplan
to be a god and cure the sick
with dubious proofs that seemed fantastic
even to the greatest believers.

Happy hadron, little devil, blessed organic food
with little additives of something
a vibrational radical that was not free
its miracles were desolate
the claims a farce
such powers allege that swayed the global markets,
creating chaos where the chaos of Mandelbrot was
known already
Happy hadron gets on TV so they say for