Who wants desolation ?

UN Agenda 21 – the global ‘sustainability’ program is based on the lie that intensive agriculture, industry and technology has to be dirty and expensive to the planet. Given the available free energy technologies to implement - this planet and its environment could probably supply ten times the current global population, create water and irrigate deserts, clean and transmute pollution etc It deliberately sets out to undermine the support for large human populations and is a prescription for social disease as its measures seek to increase the cost of energy and food, (to save the planet etc) whilst its advocates promote the ‘dumbing down’ of education because educated people are heavier on planetary resources. Sustainability in this context is quite the reverse – it is the deliberate creation of unsustainable conditions for large numbers of people i.e. eugenics. Why would seemingly reasonable people with suits ignore real and innovative technological solutions and create disease and suffering when they don’t have to ? Why have lots of people in distress and our environment made into a desert when we can implement the technologies of paradise ? Who wants desolation ? http://www.andrewhennessey.co.uk/harvestingv6.pdf


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