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the Dalhousie castle abduction


The small mining town of Gorebridge on the A7 about 14 miles south of Edinburgh, Midlothian has for the last few years seen an excessive amount of UFO activity and low flying military or pseudo military activity.
Much of this has been both filmed and reported with some startling high definition rooftop images of alien space craft going about their business in the heart of downtown Scotland.
One Gorebridge family has been at the centre of intense interest from military personnel and speculation about their connection with Alien agendas increases, as Mr B claims to be an alien Fleet commander who for sure can make ships appear at will and film them. He is also linked to the local underground Greys centered in the extensive cavern system that runs from Cousland to under the hills near Gorebridge and Rosslyn.
Indeed an investigator from Edinburgh was recently able to take photographs of Grey Alien military personnel deployed outside their front door to the caver…

The Artificial History of Mankind

The Artificial History of Mankind
Andrew Hennessey

I cite the following 16th century story as one of the nuggets of evidence that show the human condition is overseen by non-humans – and that the human condition and human history and technology is likely artificially maintained in a backward state.

e.g. see also The Hidden Hand

Whilst human beings struggle past invisible Ets and their matrix technologies – the historical record is replete with hitek visitors

Why are human beings being held here and recycled on some malignant evil and artificially backward funfair whilst the farmers are driving about under our noses ? the farming hypothesis by hennessey

The story that follows further illustrates that no corner of our globe – probably at any time in human history – has been empty of alien farming technology or devoid of alien influence.

1593 On the evening of Oct…

MODUS OPERANDI andrew hennessey

Dear fellow ufologists and friends

Many visitors to my site have shown interest in my modus operandi. I hope the short explanation below will offer some insight.

The images that you have seen on my sites are exactly that, digital images gathered with the naked eye. They are no more or less scientific than that. As a ufologist my job and interest lies in interpreting these images. Although I sometimes use myth when investigating them, I have a good reason for doing so. The ancients relied on myth to record what they could not explain and like ourselves in the 21st century were fascinated with things that they could not fully understand. There is a wealth of information to be gathered from such myths. Sometimes there is correspondence with modern day phenomena and sometimes there is not. My position is one of openness to any intelligent hypothesis, including mythic observations, which can add some light on the investigation.

As regards the faerie/folklore aspect of my ufology, I ha…

working lunch ufos - edinburgh


stargate edinburgh

this angle taken a week later shows that the UFO was not a bit of a house from long range - the ufo was above houses at the bipass at 3.30pm on wednesday september 30th 2009, copyright Andrew Hennessey

A fabulous photo;after all my experiences,many of which I can only dimly recall, on board craft and even after some close contact with tall greys, I am always agog when I see photos ,like this,taken in full daylight,because their obviousness ,in plain sight,underlines the impunity with which they move amongst us.This particular craft is an abduction craft designed especially to process individuals in small groups.These craft do discharge yellow gases at the same time that they take water on board. Unlike this surgical small unit,I have very recently been onboard a monstrously large craft, with every inch of some many levels crammed with every imaginable botanical corm,bulb and plant,in such stored multitudes, that it …