stargate edinburgh

this angle taken a week later shows that the UFO was not a bit of a house from long range - the ufo was above houses at the bipass at 3.30pm on wednesday september 30th 2009, copyright Andrew Hennessey

A fabulous photo;after all my experiences,many of which I can only dimly recall, on board craft and even after some close contact with tall greys, I am always agog when I see photos ,like this,taken in full daylight,because their obviousness ,in plain sight,underlines the impunity with which they move amongst us.This particular craft is an abduction craft designed especially to process individuals in small groups.These craft do discharge yellow gases at the same time that they take water on board. Unlike this surgical small unit,I have very recently been onboard a monstrously large craft, with every inch of some many levels crammed with every imaginable botanical corm,bulb and plant,in such stored multitudes, that it suggested to me salvage or intergalactic trade or seeding other planets with Earth plant goodies,much the way our human seed and eggs are taken,stored and traded. Unlike other abductions where fierce telepathic smaller greys dominated me and others aboard with psychic terror and imposed delusions,this most recent tour was oddly amiable and suggested their constant efforts with seeding barren planets with Earth's stock. The affable and directly lucid demeanor of this botanical" tour" seemed to suggest a new attitude from them to me ,which has me off balance,from my usual rancor and indignation . I am an avid gardener and found the tour personally disarming and breathtaking in its botanical completeness,neatness and careful storage of specimens. One must needs admit that they are most extraordinary creatures,in many ways ,despite their offensive intrusiveness to me personally,in the past, by their attempts at destructiveness, to my mind,by unceasing telepathic attack. Ones change in attitude towards them may simply only be the Stockholm syndrome,effects. I still consider these game wardens of us and our planet to be a curse on the Earth,nonetheless, as their reptilian overlords are most loathsome and fearsome and hateful towards us;they may bully the greys,as well.

Paul Schroeder [abductee]


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