the Dalhousie castle abduction


The small mining town of Gorebridge on the A7 about 14 miles south of Edinburgh, Midlothian has for the last few years seen an excessive amount of UFO activity and low flying military or pseudo military activity.
Much of this has been both filmed and reported with some startling high definition rooftop images of alien space craft going about their business in the heart of downtown Scotland.
One Gorebridge family has been at the centre of intense interest from military personnel and speculation about their connection with Alien agendas increases, as Mr B claims to be an alien Fleet commander who for sure can make ships appear at will and film them. He is also linked to the local underground Greys centered in the extensive cavern system that runs from Cousland to under the hills near Gorebridge and Rosslyn.
Indeed an investigator from Edinburgh was recently able to take photographs of Grey Alien military personnel deployed outside their front door to the caverns system at Crichton castle.
Crichton castle being traditionally a place where the most amazing things have been witnessed.
Mr B claims to be somehow involved with these greys at Crichton.
The author has recently personally taken photographs of aliens and their military technology in the woods at Crichton castle.
Mr B has also filmed cattle mutilations and alien farming technology lifting cattle into the sky near there. He has spectacular footage of those events.
He always seems to be in the right place at the right time to get these exclusives.

Mr B has been able to film the most massive starships coming from the moon and also get some very spectacular shots of allegedly comet Holmes which appears to be anything but a comet, but a square block ship.
Indeed I have personally witnessed a similar ship whilst on the A7 travelling south at night from Edinburgh to the Scottish border region.

Mr B has film of the cloud around this ship rotating a disc of debris clockwise whilst another parallel disc is rotating debris anti-clockwise .. rather like an antigravity engine or hitek dimensional portal.
This has sparked enquiries from Multinational executives as to what the alien experiment is that is taking place in the solar system.
It might be that Mr B might actually have some say as to what may or may not be happening around the mines and colonies deeper in the solar system.
This because he claims to be an officer of the Federation Starfleet and seems able to back up such claims with evidential and obvious contacts.
It may well be therefore that changes to Grey policy will see the abandonment of some commercial commitments in the solar system, hence Corporation executives may want to know about the changing climate of their interplanetary investments.
Enormous alien engines or stargates or mining ventures that have not been previously explained to investors and other collaborators need explanations.
Mr B was contacted by a corporation Intelligence officer who showed him film of a darkened room with curtains drawn, a big black chair and a coffee table stacked with paperwork and folders.
He was told that things would go easy on him if he revealed to his superiors exactly what the alien experiment in the solar system was all about.
Nothing new to contact by special forces Mr B is often approached by people whose phoney credentials do not check out as they try to find out where the Federation ships are coming to pick their people up.
Mr B believes that he and a group of people, some from Europe, will be taken to a city on Mars at Ianni Chaos.

Indeed Mr B was able to or led to identify a site on Mars at Ianni Chaos that has obvious alien infrastructure visible on it.
These stealth approaches by concerned interstellar venture capitalists have been rather threatening, and are part of an ongoing interaction with other Intelligence personnel dedicated to keeping the lid on the Gorebridge phenomenon, the testimony of local witnesses and the various alien revelations that are taking place in and around Gorebridge.
In this rather frightening context then, on monday December the 3rd at 4.30 am, 2007, Mrs B sets off as usual from Gorebridge for her job at Loanhead.
Loanhead Industrial estate is directly adjacent to the village of Rosslyn and the Cloning laboratories with their strangely named Dryden Tower monument in a place that 100 years ago used to be literally called Paradise.
Today however, she is going to take a different route to work than usual so that she can use the bank at Bonnyrigg.
To do that she will have to cross the A7 road at the bottom of Arniston Brae and take the B704 road that will go past Dalhousie Castle.
The Dalhousie castle road is narrow and tree lined, and after several hundred yards the road halts at a single lane bridge and a set of traffic lights.
She pulls up at the lights.
It is dark and the road is empty.
Suddenly her car engine and lights cut out.
She gets out of her car and looks about, and then up and can see the tree branches swaying and leaves falling even though there was no wind.
Looking above her she can see a dark shape almost forming a roof over the road and trees. The objects side is lined with tennis ball sized bright lights. The lights seem to be shining down.
The next thing Mrs B remembers is looking round to find that another car has pulled up behind her, and its occupant, a young male in his late twenties, early thirties is saying that his engine has cut out.
He says that he will use his mobile phone to call for help, but complains that his phone is dead.
He suddenly looks up and can see looming overhead the big UFO and then notices the interplay of its lights on the road below.
Frightened by this he seems to hold Mrs B’s coat though he may himself have been floating and losing his balance.
More of the big black UFO slides by overhead.
Mr X, the second witness suddenly says that something is going on at Dalhousie castle and that whoever it is doesn’t like us and is coming to get us.
Suddenly the UFO vanishes in the blink of an eye.
Suddenly both car headlights come back on and the motors could then be started.
Mr X the second witness also works in the same industrial estate as Mrs B and suggested that they drive off together.
They did, but Mrs B arrived about 20 minutes late.
There seems to be in all about 15-20 minutes of Mrs B’s journey that is unaccountable.
Later that night, Mrs B suffered from a bad headache, presumably having been exposed to strong electromagnetic fields under the engines of the ship.
The B family therefore continue to display a ‘favoured alien asset’ status to the observing authorities, and Mr B continues to assert his status as an alien Federation official.
It is true that Mr B has been able to illustrate and also publicise his liaison with alien authorities and their infrastructure.
e.g. images of ships of all sizes very near and very far.
Now with the recent abduction of Mrs B it does suggest that the aliens are overtly involved with the future of the entire B family.


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