Happy Hadron and Hadron Bill


And a million more in a million ways
prayed for peace and an end to the days
of war
with graphics so intense in all our social media
our spirit has no defence
Prophets here and losses there
bombarded the fragile senses
some there thought to save the trees
others fomented anti-human hate and disease
eugenics on the social networks

Then cults and sects like Hadron Bill
channelled dark confusion
ready for the harvest.

Hadron Bill was a man with a plan
with an invisible friend called Happy Hadron
on a magical journey with a masterplan
to be a god and cure the sick
with dubious proofs that seemed fantastic
even to the greatest believers.

Happy hadron, little devil, blessed organic food
with little additives of something
a vibrational radical that was not free
its miracles were desolate
the claims a farce
such powers allege that swayed the global markets,
creating chaos where the chaos of Mandelbrot was
known already
Happy hadron gets on TV so they say for
creating global revolutions
whose powers replaced the bible with the promise
of an easy lottery win.
Why would such godhood proclaim to be so anti-Christian ?
Happy Hadron is happy to make you a
god of nothing.

So Happy hadron and hadron Bill rolls out
the bulletins and video
and the miracles of nothing
and tired people bought the script
and went to sleep.

Our energies surged into nothing much
transforming from something to something else
into food for the Hadron family

Meanwhile Hadron servant Bill is proclaiming at this stage
we’re in a post information age
the only thing needed was to engage the demon Happy Hadron.

Hadron Bill presents us with the bill for our book of life
Happy Hadron being legion
brings along some chums – after all
everybody is full of hadrons …

We the Hadronites – the artificial gods of nothing
supplied by a legion of soul-sucking demons
Nothing more to do
in a post-soul age then
except imagine we’re a bag of chemicals going back to nothing
back to hadrons.

Hadron Bill though didn’t rework Christ’s prayer for nothing –
didn’t negate the love you have for your eternal pattern for nothing
didn’t diminish your vision of eternal life and continuity as
a son or daughter of the Real God, Our Father for nothing,
didn’t disintegrate you and disconnect you from the font
of all life for nothing

Happy Hadron and his legion are there to pick up your pieces –
particles of something for Nothing Hadrons
in a new age of nothing – if you can be persuaded to choose it.


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