Getting the Advantage

Our perceptions of how the world around us works are probably nothing much to do with the underpinning realities of the paranormal and demonic powers at play that operate in stealth mode upon us all.

I’m arriving more and more at the idea that souls are born into the world with the potential to be equally brilliant but that their circumstances and spiritual and environmental context puts the demonic into their reality.

For some how this happens takes the form of the manifestation of ‘luck’ and a life of ease where artificial success puts upon a relatively undeveloped and unrehearsed soul a stupour. The soul is lulled to sleep whilst a war of spiritual negation is waged upon the being.
How many striving people in despair therefore witnessing untalented individuals ‘making it big’ ?
The despair factory of Earth is part of the soul mining agenda spoken of by Nigel Kerner and indeed myself in works like Harvesting the Disconnected.

For many, however life is all about things going wrong, strange failures and unworkable things, repeatedly failed masterpieces, imperfections, inexplicable equipment failures, the frustration of some process or even person not doing what it or they ‘should do’.
Many people laugh and call this ‘Murphy’s Law’ i.e. – if anything can go wrong it will !! Nature and our Earth and Cosmos embodies natural chaos and entropy its very true but quite often chaos can be uniquely personal.

It could be argued that people in search of ‘enlightenment’ can be tempted to sell their souls in transactions with dark powers in order to be that bit more accurate, that bit more masterful or special. E.g. the recent demise of the disabled South African athlete Pistorius who in a fit of uncontrollable rage murdered his loving girlfriend. Perhaps Pistorius a known sprinter and competitor made some sort of subsconscious deal in order to get that extra edge on the track that additional steroids could not deliver and that the desolate and demonic fury took him over in the end.

Certainly on cable TV you can watch the program ‘I Survived’ which tells the harrowing tales of how some people survived evil attempts to murder them. Often in this program you can hear witnesses testify to the unnatural strength of their assailants or that their eyes were glowing red.

Even the Roman Catholic church can be heard to minimise the extent of the demonic in our lives. The general picture they wish to promote is that the demonic is about but that its presence is rare.
According to a senior trainer and consultant to exorcists at the Vatican to whom is sent the cases that some exorcists cannot handle – the demonic is very real and tangible.
It is happy to materialise metals – be it raining gold dust to trammel the lungs or to manifest iron nails in peoples mouths.

The power of prayer though is real and will supercede these powers and principalities. After an interview on television with a priest called Father Gary who had been involving himself with a program on witchcraft had been related to senior exorcist consultant Stella Davis she directed everyone in her kitchen immediately say a prayer called a Divine Mercy for fr Gary. Next interview fr Gary had done a 180 degree turn around warning people of real dangers of yoga and new age religion. People join secret societies with magical systems written by fallen beings to learn to be gods and magicians and self-determined and self-empowered because they think they do not need God.
Many turn away from the Father because their worldly wishes are not granted but fail to identify that the desolate trash offered by the world and its dark aesthetics is not the be all and end all.
They are easily tempted into thinking that they are in control or could be in control but in fact whatever has controlled what we think of as civilisation is not doing so for our ease and benefit or edification.
The Deliverance Minister Stella Davis relates that she has witnessed a swarm of demons circle in the air around a monastery. The description of these entities sounded like they were Greys.
Stella was thrown down stairs by the adversary and her older bones were crushed and broken – but the Holy Spirit mysteriously re-assembled her. Most of us are unaware how much of a battle that we are personally in, unaware how much even dark video games and movies seem to drag our spirits down into the material vortex.

If you want to test how much the demonic is actually in your face try e.g.

1. wearing an item of clothing that you no longer like. Fight the discomfort, re-own the GOOD aspirations that you used to associate with that clothing. Wear that clothing witnessed in public – like Jacobs technicolour dreamcoat the demonic manifests to strip you down and negate you.

2. try praying and see all the thoughts that manifest to divert your attention or make you feel that the exercise is pointless and powerless. Watch for distractions as they manifest – but intend to start and finish your prayer. You may get an overwhelming feeling that your prayer was pointless but the origin of that thought isn’t actually you – you may get unbidden thoughts of a basic nature that seek to shame you into thinking that your prayer could never be heard.

Once you realise that you are in a fight – it doesn’t actually get easier but I’m happy to report that my issues diminished when I became Catholic in 2006. I have a personal covenant with Christ that cannot be subverted by human failures in Institutions and am very happy to look forward in faith and hope to many mansions full of loving saints and angels – some of whom are very much in our lives now.


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