Insecta Greys - natural teleporters ?

Teleportation amongst Insecta in nature ?

We often hear from abductees how the insectoid Greys and Mantis types appear to have the mastery of interdimensional teleportation. Could it be though that secret black budget treaties alleged to have been made by western governments for e.g. the American Deep Space Platform with Lockheed, Boeing and Lear corporations have been deceived by the illusion and promise of technology ?

What IF the Greys, like others of their general phylum insecta are actually Natural teleporters and do not need technology or even use it to teleport ? If the scientific observations about the hive orientated termites and their teleporting Queen quoted below from Marais are empirically true today, then black ops personnel have been barking up the wrong taxonomic tree !!

The Soul of the White Ant by Eugène N. Marais - Translated by Winifred de Kok, 1937
First published in Afrikaans under the title Die Siel van die Mier

Just before her majesty finally outgrows her cell they build a second one, half as big again as the first. It is parallel and adjacent to the first, just as hard and with just such a narrow door. The queen is then removed and placed in the second cell where there is space for her to grow for perhaps another year. So she gets transposed from cell to cell until there have been about six changes with the queen in the last and biggest. The chamber doors are always equally small much too small for the queen to come or go by. We must clearly establish another fact which makes the whole matter even more complicated.

One could easily prove by measurement that the queen's subjects could not possibly move her. The lifting power of one termite can be estimated fairly closely, and the area of the queen's body available for workers to grasp during lifting can be measured. During the later stages it would need thousands more termites to lift her than there is available grasping space for the body.
 We present to you the following facts:
1. The queen is incapable of movement.
2. The doors of the cell are too small for her to come or go by.
 3. The insects cannot lift her.
4. Yet she vanishes from one cell to appear in another.

The only explanation that seems feasible is that there are several queens and that it is not the same one each time. If the first gets too big for her cell, she is killed and eaten and then the workers carry a potential queen into the second cell where she develops into a queen. The only intelligent explanation, perhaps, and very simple, now we have thought of it. The only pity is that it is not true. We have been deceived by the analogy of the bees, which make queens, kill, and move them. It is quite an easy matter to mark the termite queen and so prove that it is the same queen which gets moved. I have tested many theories brought forward by friends who have studied entomology, but have never found one which coincided with all the facts. Perhaps one day a future Fabre will discover the truth


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