Selfless Resonance

Selfless resonance

Having weathered several years of close attention from the demonic Greys which was passing itself off as some sort of starwars close encounters, I eventually came to the realisation that these; archons, djinn, faeries, elementals, greys were in fact a legion of demons in silver suits.
Sure they have the appearance of technology and I have lots of images taken by myself of greys and their holographic personnel and vehicles and have collected many contemporary stories to vindicate my own experiences but many people just don’t get how long this dark interaction has been going on for. It is most certainly biblical.

With all the talk of star trek federations and silver spaceships and stargate jump rooms and deep space platforms most people are led to believe that our relationship with these creatures is within the limitations of human reason and its mathematics and (alleged) physics.

With the exopolitics movement with a track record of having a decade of sweeping the victims of demonic alien abuse under the carpet there seems to be this feel good idea that mankind has an evolutionary step to take and that is in the acquisition of ‘warp drive’ and a more ‘reasonable’ and scientific planet.

By the time you have checked out the archaeological facts – and met the people building free energy devices and illustrating simple cancer cures you will soon arrive at the idea that science as we know it hasn’t been reasonable and in fact there are other factors influencing the nature of what we take for the status quo today.

In the 16th – 19th century it is very common to come across faerie tales even from cultures that are not Christian where the sign or presence of a cross is perhaps not considered efficacious by the people in that part of the world but which is actually working as a deterrant to the demons because They recognise the spiritual resonances working within the symbol.

The mystery of Christ is that as a living human archetype of love, closest to the Father as His Son, his living pattern of human love and essence resonates down the spheres like water in the vine [John 15] and fills us (by sympathetic resonance – John 10:10) with the sustenance that gives our spirit and soul abundant life-force. This abundance of love sustains us and empowers us.

Sympathetic resonance is a natural and physical law of the Universe and it is also used by dark beings in e.g. voodoo to drink and harvest and influence and hack peoples lives.

The struggle for many people immersed in the dark spiritual tide of western culture however is to not fall asleep to Satans song.

For example watching a dark action move like Red with your favourite stars where the folks are sort of nice but kill people as a matter of routine in their daily lives.
Nice art and technical production values, nice special effects BUT at the end of the day we are invited to accept and like the idea that people are being murdered and to participate in their grotesque assassination whilst embracing their other good values and ‘love’ interests.

We get spiritually engineered and butchered by the flat screen television further when the program about killers comes on and in this case being invited to accept grotesque and evil assassination as a premise for normality whilst being invited to explore or simulate the possibility that reasonable killing is cool.

Desensitised and stripped of our ability to resonate with love, even watching mindless soaps, the dark brutal lullaby of western television numbs our spirits and souls encouraging us to surrender to the downward pull into the spiritual cesspit.

I can understand why Satan has instigated infiltration of the Christian and other churches and why the alleged alternatives to faith and belief are being rolled out. Soul-numbing secularism devoid of family values and a war on the free thinker conducted by malnutrition and misinformation. All of that are part of the new world agenda typified in Un Agenda 21 and modern artefacts like the Georgia Guidestones.

Even David Icke has the idea that self can be a god.

Although a new wave of reality creation magicians dependant on books of magic written by possessed people are coming forward in the belief that their magic spells in the middle of this interedimensional insectoid swarm  can work, they are finding it impossible to change water into wine or are able to move mountains because they only have faith in themselves and not in God. There is some hope though for it might be that once some of them recognise how powerful the name of Christ is they may find themselves reconnecting with immense power for good. 


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