it's not for gold

The common perception of the status quo on planet earth is that it is run by a greedy elite of about 10% who own about 90% of the wealth.
Our notion of the elite is that they appear to be an uncaring and exploitative bunch of people who conspire in their economic self-interest to manufacture economic and geo-political cataclysms for their own fiscal/monetary profit.
Such is their aggression in the pursuit of profit so the myth goes that whole nation states once great with records of upholding human rights in the labour force can be made into third world economies and whole third world economies once lowly with no human rights in the labour force can be made into foremost economic empires with no human rights in the labour force so as to maximise profits from low wages.

Meanwhile with an exponential rise in the consumption of all planetary resources accompanied by a parallel exponential rise in toxic waste – the planet is allegedly turning into an arid and toxic and mined-out disease-ridden desert through global warming and environmental catastrophes inflicted by profiteering industrialists.

All of this therefore allegedly so that the elite can turn a good profit.

What if all of the planets sickness and desolation though is Not about profit ? What if Profit were Not the real reason for the living hell on earth ?

Consider this. Despite nearly 100 years of outrageously bad and blind physics, Free Energy devices have been around since 1890 with Faraday’s Monopolar generator, Nikola Tesla’s theory of Environmental Energy in 1910 was superior to the paradox-ridden Einstein and produced overunity motors. Followed by people like Townsend-Brown in 1938, Bruce De Palma’s ‘sunburst generator’ in 1992, Frank Searle in 1999 and in the 21st Century with over 250,000 US motorists breaking the laws of physics every day with their HHO conversion free energy motors there seems to be no end to the allegations that Free Energy is very possible and has very great industrial and social implications for the health and well-being of all mankind.
With free energy a fact we are somehow left with the excuses for its non-implementation.
Those dreaded Oil Corporations need their profit.
The stockmarket could go into freefall
Evil global powers could access space by spinning a magnet.

To deal with the ‘dreaded oil corporations’ excuse.
They could easily purchase the monopoly on free energy technologies. In the 19th Century during the Industrial Revolution in England the major factories were serviced by a canal network and when Watt invented the steam train – the factory and canal owners simply purchased a monopoly on the railways. Thereby preserving their vested interests in achieving huge profit margins.

Certainly if the status quo on earth was all about making money from oil then the USA would utilise the oil reserves under its own land which are reportedly greater than the that of the oil reserves in the Middle East.

What sort of status quo are we all missing out on ?

Another aspect of Free Energy technology is demonstrated by the atomic fusion experiments of JK Hutchison who with some of Tesla’s old machinery has melted metals and other substances together into hybrid particle jellies.
With Free Energy powering atomic fusion at no monetary cost to anyone
The following could be done by the elite;

1. endless tonnes of free gold and platinum could be manufactured – thereby creating so much excess capital that gold could become as excessive as sand.
Though not accessible to the masses because after all a profit is a profit they the elite could have all the profit they could ever have dreamed of.

2. endless amounts of pure water could be either manufactured or purified at no cost to anyone and thereby irrigate deserts, creating enormous harvests of staple crops which could maintain a global population of at least ten times the current planetary level in 2012.

3. endless amounts of toxic waste could be processed at no cost to anyone – even in waste treatment plants constructed out of excess gold bars.

4. worried about too much CO2 in the air – using endless amounts of free energy billions of tonnes of CO2 could be turned into millions of tonnes of diamonds.

5. Bulk goods including harvested produce, minerals geologically extracted or electronically manufactured could be transported at no cost to either the profits of the company or the environment with anti-gravity technology millions of miles around the world or billions of miles into the solar system or light years into the stars or parallel dimensions.

Meanwhile the 90% of the planetary population although still with only 10% or even less of the new gross available wealth would have endless and free amounts of food, water, heating and lighting, huge amounts of time to devote to research, education and the civilised arts, would discover the reality of the stars, dimensions and the nature of social fraternity and endless love set in an imperishable highly maintained social fabric where the manipulation and speculation and conflict over planetary resources by the elites have been superseded by an endless abundance of treasures and wealth.
The 90% free of the burdens of hard and meaningless labour would discover the nature of the soul and the true legacy of eternity set out by God for the loving human pattern exemplified by Christ and demonstrated globally by many global prophets doing the will of God that is to love one another and do to others as you would have them do to you.

But with the advent of free energy even in the late 19th century, the regime of make believe fake hell on earth is not about the need of the elite for profit – it is about the need of the fallen angels [their documented presence notably missing from some versions of the online sacred texts these days] and their progeny the Nephilim to take revenge on the sons and daughters of Adam and torment and twist their vision of God and family and grace and justice and peace and love into a perverse sickness and millstone to drag them down into an eternal living death.
This because the fallen are not allowed to return to Grace.

In Christ therefore is the fulfilment of over 100+ Old Testament prophesies that the sons of the line of David and sheep from other flocks would rise beyond the sorrow and desolation of earth to one of the many mansions prepared for us by our Father.

In the meantime don’t think that the status quo here on earth is reasonably or rationally justified – the secret and ancient war is not on our bodies though but on our eternal souls.
The degrading, deadening and animalistic vision of material disease, terror and desolation is the weapon used by the fallen angels on the race of Adam to twist them away from their source and root on the eternal vine of John 15.

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