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Andrew Hennessey, are you a scientist, a folklorist?  What are you exactly?

I can best describe myself as a researcher and archivist of oral and visual UFO phenomena and paranormal activity in Scotland, especially in the Edinburgh area.  I also investigate folklore accounts, as not only are these interesting, they often provide the oral tradition or background information that is perhaps missing from an actual event.  In my research, moreover, photographs, video evidence and first-hand accounts are very important, as they are the primary sources that I rely on.  In this respect, I am a realist who believes that what we see, hear and touch make up our basic human reality and have every reason to be taken seriously, whether these experiences are easily explicable or not. 

If by ‘scientist’ what is referred to is someone who wants to find out the truth, in the best sense of the word, I can say yes, I am a scientist as well, but if what is meant is someone who is interested only in the processes underlying these experiences, and more often than not, wishes to disprove such events or experiences, then I can definitely exclude myself from this latter category.

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