Without dwelling on teleportation too much - I realise that there may be around 144 different ways to do it with 6 technological strategies and 24 particle events and maybe half of those are beyond our technology. That still leaves a big selection of methods. - I suspect though that the locals maybe got to see number 144 in action – a process only possible with alien elements and components but are actually working on or were given some dysfunctional and inefficient resource-heavy cocktail that doesn’t quite deliver. There are, therefore, imo, about 144 ways to beam up Captain Kirk

What ill-informed teleportation recipe they wasted their time and monies on can remain their horrid little secret. I'm pretty sure these people didn't suspect that there could be about 144 ways to do it - maybe in their wildest ill-informed dreams there were 4 or 5 !!
It doesn't surprise me that they wouldn’t want to find out what their own problems are – probably because of all sorts of vested interests in the redundancy of the process they have created. e.g. it could be a good and indefinite grant and funding earner for the suppliers and sub-contractors – who have perhaps sold their multi-trillion dollar teleportation wares to e.g. the Bechtel or Carlyle – type multinational corporations on the understanding that e.g. 30% inefficiency in the process is tolerable. Obviously if some dumb person comes along with a system that demonstrates e.g. greater efficiency and then undermines these multi-trillion dollar paydays – its adios to the poor smart alex that does that. I hope that they keep whatever they have got ... long range pixie dust probably ........ perhaps another 5 years and their breakthrough will come :)

Who would want to enter into a contentious and lethal military industrial debate on teleportation on a technology that cannot get us to Heaven. I’m very happy to leave things just as they are - the elite are probably going nowhere very far without permission.

MONSTER JOBS - VACANCY Volunteer to supply a high-level framework, a new paradigm and rationale that would direct and instruct, correct and improve a multi-trillion dollar strategic technological revision for no wages.
Volunteer to proceed on the understanding that their input and reason is considered fiscally and scientifically worthless and the volunteer is also expected to believe that should important technological revision occur as a result of voluntary consultation the current multinational suppliers on contract to supply their currently technologically undesirable programs that are no longer meeting technical expectations would be more than happy to accept multi-trillion dollar losses.
A major new Philosophy of Science architectural framework and semantics is required - by whom? - to inform, restructure and supply a strategic technological revision and innovation for a multinational led project like the American Deep Space Platform. Thousands of clever mathematicians and scientists however have not identified or recognised this need for new architecture nevertheless such new and innovative semantics are allegedly of no value. The equivalent in the building trade would be to say that architects are valueless and not needed to design houses, and are unnecessary and only the plumbers and electricians and decorators have any right to expect renumeration.
The volunteer is not expected to recognise that they would be a scapegoat with which a Corporation can default on current fiscal commitments. Said Volunteer is to believe that they can proceed happily ever after because the current sub-contracted teleportation suppliers are more than happy to lose out.
The volunteer is definitely Not a loose end at the end of the consultation.


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