the god of unreason

I was disturbed to see Richard Dawkins do an advert for his upcoming show on whatever TV channel it was … to the sound of aesthetic keyboards and images of little birdies feeding their chicks in a nest .. Richard Dawkins enthuses that more and more people are becoming aware that there is no God ……

Before I go there with that one and start venting on all the miracles and interdimensional Angelic intercessions at e.g. exorcisms by Stella Davis … I really want to try and understand where Richard is coming from.

Richard as we know is a scientist or so he says .. and as the fairy tale goes – it’s the reasonable burden of diligent peer review and the reasoning powers of those with Doctorates to take the forefront on mankind forward little by little in reasonable steps.
Reason – is the god of Richard Dawkins – or at least so we are led to believe.
In 1992 in Oxbridge universities, Richard had a fellow reasonable scientist in his Biology faculty called Brian Goodwin whose cutting edge chaos theory was superceding the 19th century ideologies of Charles Darwin by demonstrating by computer modelling that complex structures like the eye could spontaneously emerge and demerge by chaos law. This was against the run of play from Darwin – so whilst Richard was writing his book called ‘Climbing Mount Improbable’ about the long slow ponderous billion-year evolution of the eye up a massive probability mountain – simultaneously somewhere down the corridor Brian Goodwin was demonstrating that the eye and its evolution gives no heed to Darwin.
This was in 1992 – Twenty Years Ago.
Richard would have to have made a conscious effort to avoid the paradigm of chaos theory as it rolled out from cutting edge institutes like that at Santa from the early 1990's

In the intervening time between then and now Dr Goodwin no longer holds a job at the prestigious university and Richard has gone on a long crusade extolling the virtues of 19th century empirical observations and the theory of Darwin whose computation was more likely to have been done on an abacus not a 21st century supercomputer processing chaos theory, emergence and complexity.

Where has Richard’s reason taken him ? It isn’t just Richard though – science generally is being very unreasonable despite the quality of music and images in convincing-sounding scientific documentaries. If you look at the template for all empirical science written by Philosopher of Science Karl Popper called ‘Conjectures and Refutations, London, 1962 which illustrates how science should be properly practised .. it can be seen that for a theory like Darwin or indeed the Big Bang to be refuted it should only take ONE CONTRADICTION.

Try searching out the Big Bang Never Happened website which has also been illustrating contradictions to this major theory for over 20 years since 1992
1992 a good year – also a year that Dr Bruce De Palma was attempting to market a Faraday monopolar free energy generator from an 1890 design (shortly before he died) called the De Palma Sunburst Generator. Twenty years on and one of the biggest democracies on the planet is still outsourcing its hydrocarbon fuels from brutal war zones whilst ignoring its own abundant reserves.

If Reason or unreason is the god of Richard Dawkins then at this time its possible to assert that those people who make reason into a god have lost the plot – as they variously show that their allegiance isn’t to the healing and wellbeing of mankind and the planet but to other agendas that have far reaching consequences to the way we live and where we go when we die.

Instead of putting faith in the nonsensical reasons for the malpractise of science and its failure to discard refuted theories – put your faith instead in the God of Stella Davis who casts out demons from people who can fly around the local beaches and spit nails whilst lung-irritating clouds of gold dust fall from the air in the ceiling above. Our God, our Father who made us, and His holy family are real and we have a choice to make as to what we think is important – allegiance to love, and being there for our brothers and sisters, Or, allegiance to the lies of the god of ‘reason’.


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