Alien Experiment at Gorebridge

The Gorebridge Experiment

Recent developments at Gorebridge UFO hotspot have been the addition of some important paranormal photographers and filmers, and also the setup of a petition to lobby for a public enquiry into the use of Gorebridge airspace – with or without the help of the local Gorebridge MP who suggests that the many events being reported to him are all derived from some one-off thing in the past and thus not in need of any further attention – presumably as its not an issue any more.
His main defence for this stance is in fact that people from Gorebridge have been very slow to come forward – and it can be presumed from this that there is no actual issue.
However the skies and the streets at night in Gorebridge after infrared photography tell a different story. There is definitely lots of activity.

So what is going on now that hasn’t been going on before with these ancient aliens over e.g. the last 500 years or so ?
The local Saint St Cuthbert in about 800AD saw a huge orange sphere over one of the local hilltops at Soutra – and obviously the usual suspects with the Chinese lantern explanations are going to find that one hard to explain away like that.
In any event the fact that in the UK you can buy 10 Chinese lanterns for 10 pounds suggests their availability is being subsidised – just try buying a cheap kite with the same amount of wire and paper for those prices !

In Gorebridge though there have been big abductions, a Man in Black calling himself colonel Joe complete with black classic Bentley car, grey suit coming forward actually phoning the witnesses and stopping them deploying shielding technology.
There has also been some fearsome displays by the local aliens whilst in the main they are happy to pose for photographs.
They illustrate their immunity to the laws of man when they launch small craft to buzz airliners on the approach to Edinburgh airport – on film – and for some reason numerous highly designed ships not out of place in some starwars movie have been filmed in the skies overhead.

Yes this sort of thing is happening all over the world but why is it even more so happening on the ground and in the air in Gorebridge ?
In the words of a shady multinational executive who video called a witness – ‘what’s the experiment ?’

Geopolitically many of the ruling bloodlines can claim descent from pseudo-Scottish sources – and most of the mainstream inventors who created the infrastructure of the 20th and 21st century have come from Scotland – and yes 15 miles north of Gorebridge is some sort of Illuminati capital city whose place names and historical associations even get incorporated into Tolkein’s ‘Lord of the Rings’.
The scene is set therefore for some sort of emergent communiqué from ancient aliens living in and around Gorebridge under the hillsides.
This might be a reason to be optimistic, but having heard what they did to the Gorebridge camera mans glass coffee table in the middle of the night – suddenly smashed it into a thousand pieces that then writhed like a snake on the floor – or some invisible hand pick up a heavy Rottweiller by the throat – or have the same dog whimper and indicate that the back of the garden felt horrible – just before some low flying UFO buzzed the property coming from the same direction the dog had indicated – suggests that there is a somewhat demonic side to this phenomenon.
There is a lot of ill will from these beings.
Perhaps they are showing off how terrible they are or how much in control they think they are – perhaps this is a statement in itself – all the in your face surreal activity.
Maybe they can sense that the times that they have enjoyed are coming to an end. Perhaps there are sheets of ice to come or floods – and maybe they need to be more visible whilst they fly their assets out.

There is something important about the nature of the disclosure at Gorebridge – but perhaps its only important because all the unnoted intense activity illustrates how switched off the general public are to these issues.

I think it could be argued that whatever is special about Nephilim run Scotland and its bloodlines and its source of inventions that have maintained our relatively primitive cul de sac in good order – that there is something extra also coming from the indigenous greys/aliens/demons/faeries

They are up to something – they have heightened their profile for a reason - more so than is usual for anywhere else on the planet and they do not have to have done this for any reason that is pro-human or morally good.
Perhaps they want to restock their larders and are fishing for souls to harvest.
Perhaps they have spread a net.
The famous A70 Tarbrax abduction in Scotland that took Garry Wood and Colin Campbell – at one point underground told of how Colin found himself naked and in a glass container – and he looked across this cavern and saw hundreds of glass containers in row upon row inset in the cavern walls – full of naked but frozen people.
When they started to freeze him – he said no, no … so they stopped and let him go.
The real issue with getting harvested is consent and agreement – often we can agree to the most sophisticated ideas and not see the downside of these issues till it is too late.
Our consent can be conned out of us by very elaborate ploys – that is why in writing about Gorebridge myself – I want to point out that some very dark forces are at work here and I don’t want to make the issues sound glamorous.
Whatever the demonic aliens are up to I am not personally going to trust them – but will try and present the information about their activities so that people can bear witness to the Gorebridge experiment.


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