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The Power of Love
Andrew Hennessey

Dr Sallas Exopolitical forum Prepare4contact on yahoo groups has had revisions to its guidelines.
Having been previously plagued with people that have come forward in a shocked and traumatised state by anti-human alien behaviour and became very vocal about it – the forum guidelines got revised.
Here they are again below with annotations.

‘….Prepare4contact is a discussion forum dedicated to how individuals, communities and humanity can best prepare for open interaction with extraterrestrial races, and to the study of exopolitics. The forum seeks to disseminate accurate information about extraterrestrials, their agendas, activities and history, and assist members in making informed choices about how to prepare for the time when extraterrestrial life becomes widespread public knowledge…’

I cannot disagree with that – that’s an excellent scene setting start. However the next bit of the forum rulebook does suggest that if you have had a bad time with aliens then you have been in a state of disempowerment and really that there is no justice there for you. Worse – that being disempowered – your testimony may disqualify you from initial contributions.
The forum has posited reality creation and the ‘you were asking for it’ stuff before which I quoted in that article from posts on the p4c forum from Calkins, Salla etc in my article for the Journal of Abduction Research vol 9 article ‘Exopolitics needs to Change’.
They seem oblivious to the needs of human victims like Paul Schroeder who is continually abused by demonically behaving greys.

The only Exopolitical justice and accountability and allegedly nice things therefore seems to be for empowered people who don’t seem to need any and who appear to have had no negative interaction. Its obvious that the folks who have been victims are obviously not considered self-empowered or in a category worthy of justice and equality and fraternity because they have put themsleves somehow in a lesser spiritual state. My JAR9 article explores these exopolitical discussions on the p4c forum.

In the next paragraph of the Exopolitical rulebook – Disempowered people (victims) may seem to do aliens and other people - presumably beneficiaries injustice !!

‘…. The forum promotes the idea that it is only through a self-empowered humanity, that open interaction with extraterrestrials can do justice to humanity's need for equality, freedom and sovereignty…..’

Here though is an overt contradiction for a human victim – a mixed message - these extraterrestrial discussions should really be representing their human rights - do you feel the unease of Cognitive Dissonance get you when you read this.

‘….The forum promotes the aspirations and views of that segment of humanity denied political representation in secret government interactions with extraterrestrials….’

It sounds clear that it isn’t the disempowered victims that are to be represented, only the self-empowered people who have been denied the opportunity to interact in a beneficial and meaningful way.
Happy days therefore for the self-empowered academics and media manufacturers and industrialists and entrepreneurs – but for the human victims of negative alien abuse – there is the stark headswirling nausea of seeming betrayal and Cognitive Dissonance.
There is a dehumanising and unsocial and unfraternal contradiction in being a disempowered human victim of alien and demonic behaviour that is being ignored.

A bit of hope though in the next paragraph for human victims of alien abuse in that we can use ‘peaceful conflict resolution tools’ to make them go away and stop doing what they do.
So we are allowed to say that they did bad – and of course we can and must forgive them for what they did yesterday etc but how do we get them to stop behaving like demonic alien soul farmers in the ‘now’ and in our future ?
My personal answer to that is prayer to Christ – because we go into stealth mode when we pray ..

John 3:8 ‘The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.’
Colossians 1:12 ‘Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light:
13 Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son’

Here is the conflict resolution paragraph from the p4c guidelines – here it seems to be saying what is done is done – now lets move on .. but if alien abuse is persistent and ongoing it is the fault of the disempowered human. Some might say that if we had a laser blaster things could be more even – but by turning the other cheek and disengaging from these shadows we rise above them, beyond them when we pray.
Perhaps there is to be counselling and healing for the disempowered on the agenda for the exopolitical movement ? there is still time to see what they intend to do.

‘….Finally, the forum emphasizes understanding the full extent of extraterrestrial behavior on Earth in order to promote healing, forgiveness and reconciliation over past injustices, and to build a post-contact world based on peace, freedom and fraternity between all races. The forum furthermore emphasizes using peaceful conflict resolution principles and tools both among members, and in relations with extraterrestrial life….’

Unfortunately the last paragraph of the p4c forum rules contains a terrible omission from any human rights agenda. Ie. That we must not report the characteristics of demonic attacks and thereby illustrate demonology in action – we must not ‘demonize extraterrestrials’ and yet there is an ongoing battle between the human race, the forces of light and the legion of darkness – this exopolitical forum at present therefore serves to filter out the reports of brutal spiritual warfare on mankind.
See http://offtheplanet.blogspot.com/2010/09/spiritual-warfare-by-stella-davis.html

'...Prepare4contact has a zero tolerance policy for personal criticisms or attacks, flaming, selling, proselytism, spamming, debunking, trolling, crude language and demonizing extraterrestrials. Disruptive, insulting, or uncooperative individuals and/or postings will be removed from the list....'

I think that Dr Salla should think again about the rights of mankind and create a working party that would campaign for the rights of human beings that have been systematically violated by abusive alien interaction.
He has stated that exopolitics is to promote healing and reconciliation.
There is an opportunity here for the Exopolitical movement which is full of so many gifted academics to come forward with a Relief Movement for human victims of alien demonic behaviour.
In doing that – there is a clear statement of exopolitical Solidarity for the human race, that the human race cannot be divided by the greedy and selfish, that the human race will not write off victims of alien attack or shove them out of public forums into the darkness of the social fringes. These human victims of alien abuse are our brothers and sisters, our fathers and mothers, our grandparents our children – these lives are not for sale, not for profit not for bloodmoney.
These victims may be disorientated by the surreal nature of the interdimensional phenomenon that assails them – but caring and sharing and education and a forum can be healing and good for their souls.
That’s why exopolitics should have been so very important – it should care not only for the self-empowered self- motivated and orientated person it should also care for the weak and vulnerable, the dis-empowered.
Be of good hope, for Christ cares for His suffering flock.
It may actually be true that nation state governments or corporations do not want the Disclosure of industry and trade agreements that made nation state citizens bargaining chips in interdimensional or interstellar trade. This would obviously mean lawsuits claiming rights to a share of any profits made from such agreements.
Disclosure is unprofitable.
Human Victims by the same rhetoric are Collateral Damage.
A menace to profitable trade to be suppressed and buried.
So generally in the media we see the rhetoric of the next empowered generation being trumpeted as the way ahead and all those older traumatised human beings can be overlooked and forgotten because they didn’t know better than to be asking for what they got.
This idea assumes that ‘aliens are our benefactors’.
The way ahead therefore is for kids coming out of school that can’t read write or spell or analyse or pass exams walking blindly forward into a false vision of Hollywood cool. Historically though the demons have always been good at things like the X factor and their own special brand of karaoke.
How ready are we therefore for the alien false Gods – the demonic harvesters and the clever Lizard Anunnaki.
Only the victims of alien abuse know how the process operates – the surreal psychology, the alleged hideous bad luck, the persistent and clever malignance assailing their lives attacking their very souls.
These human survivors are actually mankinds real spiritual treasure – for they haven’t been assimilated or replaced. Misunderstood yes, they are unappreciated for their own courage and strength and for that spark within them that lit their way through that darkness and gave them hope to live. At the end of what seems to be coming – perhaps these previously outraged people, the victims currently accurately portraying demonic behaviour, that are now being accused of demonising demons - that get shovelled off forums for telling their story - will be the only ones left standing.
For Gods spark within them has chosen them to survive in Christ – that is the power of love.


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