The Miraculous Normal

Andrew Hennessey

The normal-paranormal divide is a boundary that usually looks like the divider between the boring and the creepy.
Often witnesses can tell something paranormal is happening because the event is characterised by un-ease, dis-ease or surreal strangeness.
Generally speaking most reported paranormal events are negative or dark in connotation or nature.
They tend to involve monsters or dark ghosts, hauntings or badly behaving aliens, lizards and rituals and foreboding doorways to underworlds or hellish dimensions, or the latest news of another free energy inventor heading for an early grave.
Even in places where miracles are seen and catalogued to be happening, there is often a track record of other sinister countervailing forces at work.
There is, however, the joy from the accounts of the Near Death Experiences and life-saving Angelic intercessions, Deliverances and healings but these tend to be unusual and less reported items in this dark genre.

In this context, paranormal can be taken to infer a darkened or distorted vision of normality.
Normality though is not mundane it is alive with beauty and life.
We compare the paranormal to the normal so that we can make a distinction but what is our frame of reference for the normal ?
The experience of seeing and engaging with; a rainbow, the ocean, the forests, the white beach, family and child birth, hearing the wind, the rain and the crash of the sea on the shore – all of these things can evoke a sense of wonder at the miraculous order of things in our now, our normality.
The rise of cheap excellence in digital photographical equipment means that almost anybody in Europe or North America can take beautiful pictures of the natural order – reminding us that such beautiful moments captured in pixels are evident to every human eye.

Somehow what is peaceful and naturally beautiful and symmetrical becomes twisted out of shape and distorted by dark forces.
Unfortunately we can find some of these distorted realities already pre-packaged for the youth electronic games market.
For some of us the life-filled natural colours and reasons to love and be at peace diminish as we answer the call of duty on our shoot em up PlayStation.
Un natural colours, unnatural actions and unnatural, dark, spiritual grooming in such media leads the human mind and spirit away from the joys of being human towards the expectation of the creepy.
For some and a few years ago for me too, there were the mundane boring things to do between one distressing close encounter and the next.
Whatever darkness was, it had got my attention and was posing for pictures.

Today, putting these issues in perspective, I can see that the negative dis-ease that I was engaging with could be likened to a river of darkness, like some radio station I was constantly tuning into, a set of frequencies that were encumbering my spirit and causing me to be swept along and to be assimilated.

I had to learn to turn the other cheek, to disengage whilst it was flailing at me and to not be drawn into a dialog of endless negation and self-vindication.
The problem is though that if you ignore this stuff – it doesn’t necessarily go away !

During this period of alien/demonic harassment in my life about 1996-2003, in 2003 whilst I was playing in a Scottish ceilidh dance band, I had turned up early for my gig in the centre of Edinburgh. It was a sunny, beautiful mid-summers night, so I headed off to St Andrew’s square, fiddle in one hand, effects case in the other to take a seat on one of the many benches around the tree-lined square to wait for a good time to arrive at the hotel.
I noticed a free bench and that on another wooden bench next to it sat two older ladies wearing blank and uncommunicative looks, their faces frozen and expressionless.
As I made my way past the cars to the empty bench, suddenly one of the parked cars, a Range Rover blasted out the most hideously loud sound. It was an ongoing ear-piercing, heavy industry sound that hurt greatly.
The two old ladies on the bench never flinched or moved or changed their expression but during this hellish blast I failed to simply drop the violin immediately to cover my ear.

When I got to the gig, playing my violin was excruciatingly painful and I had to stop and leave the performance area. Luckily there was another lead player there that night so my absence wasn’t too bad from a professional point of view.
However, extreme pain was the only result of hearing any sound over the next few months, and I had to cancel engagements thinking that I would never play the fiddle again. I prayed for help.
Miraculously, my eardrum completely healed with no residual tinnitus and hearing damage and I was able to resume my career in music.
Whatever dark-willed evil had made things go bad for me, warping the laws of normality and society attempting to strip me of my trade and my gifts had been totally overturned in answer to my prayer and somehow my ear was made right as if nothing had happened.

Today I can listen to and enjoy the complex beauty of normality in the natural order, pleased by the beauty of musical harmony and natural sounds. I had been given back normality by an act of healing.
For me, the total healing of my ear indicated that no matter how powerful the paranormal evil thought it was, the forces of Light prevail and overcome their unnatural distortions.
I had not by choice encountered these dark beings, and they had over-stepped their boundary in using no human objects or circumstances.
Thus it was by no human or biological circumstances that my hearing was completely restored, and normality once again returns.

Before this event in 2003, a few years earlier I had been playing the Irish pub circuit with my band the Wild Geese and we had two gigs in one venue in Aberdeen on a Saturday and Sunday.
The Saturday night gig seemed to be set up in a small space in such a way that my ears were way to near the loud speaker for comfort. So back in the B&B after the gig I made a mental note before I dropped off to sleep to get some of those yellow foam industrial earplugs the next morning.
After breakfast on the Sunday morning, I realised that not many shops were going to be open and that the chances of finding an open Boots the Chemist or some such place was going to be slim.
Aberdeen high street looked abandoned at 11.30am, almost all the shops were closed and I realised that I was going to be out of luck.
However on the slim chance that a local might know where these earplugs could be had on a Sunday I asked this guy who was loading stuff from a shop into a small van that was parked only a few feet away.
He was the only visible person for a long way.
He smiled and went to his van and produced a packet of the very yellow foam earplugs I was after – and gave them to me at no charge !
‘I use them a lot on the oil riggs !’ he explained.
What were the chances of that ?
The only person visible for a long way on a day most shops were shut had in his possession the very items that I needed and gave them to me.
It was a small miracle. A benevolent synchronicity.

With the powers of darkness lining up to deprive me of hearing, and the normality of the natural order and its beauty that I have a right to enjoy, it seems to me that the powers of Light have ensured that the powers of abnormality, dark and dis-ease have not been victorious.

Normality therefore, should be and is a miraculous goodness, a wonderful relationship with the Angelic where love and compassion is the natural order and the bestial rage and connivance of dark beings is the abnormal distortion and deprivation of what is beautiful.

Whereas the unnatural connection between some contemporary abductees and grievous withering personal injuries could be noted in modern times and also corroborated in ancient times –

From Campbell’s ‘Superstitions of the Western Isles’, 1902. ‘Many of the deformities in children are attributed to the Fairies. When a child is incautiously left alone by its mother, for however short a time, the Fairies may come and give its little legs such a twist as will leave it hopelessly lame ever after.’ – little is made of the miraculous feats of restorative healing now taking place in e.g. the Evangelical movement all over the world.
There are many genuine stories of the miracles of true healing, real totally scientifically impossible medical reversals of life-threatening conditions but these generally don’t seem to take precedence over the reported behaviour of the demonic alien.

In the same way that these beings can wither, there are other beings who can heal and work wonders.

I had been staying in the old run down house that had belonged to my parents and was still using their old fridge freezer even though it was a bit noisy.
It was later in the day and I decided to have a shower before turning in for the night.
After showering I left the bathroom and headed for my bedroom, but something or someone invisible made me stop and walk back through to the kitchen.
I looked behind the fridge freezer and witnessed the exact moment the motor caught fire beside the pine clad kitchen walls.
It was a miracle – I had been saved from a grievous house fire by the love and fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

The normality of wonderful love seems to be calling me and prevailing over the abnormalities of chaos and darkness. The Angelic intercessions that have overcome all sorts of dark circumstances in my life and in the life of many others seems to indicate that if we decide we wish to study the paranormal because we challenge materialism then look to the incredible miracles that are taking place so we can all have a vision of peace to replace the dark tide before our senses.


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