the David Icke error ?

The David Icke error ?
Andrew Hennessey

David Icke has become somewhat of an institution and a spearhead of a global truth movement that has gathered momentum in the last decade.
His iconic ‘problem-reaction-solution’ ideas and the various insights into the world of the reptilian anunnaki a reptilian race of shapeshifters that many people swear blind have long left us to it though may be coming back – has been culturally ground breaking.
Many witnesses have come forward feeling free to testify to their ordeal at the hands (or claws) of this pervasive but very secretive species and their reality – and for that the world owes David Icke their gratitude for identifying most of the Reptilian species as a real antihuman threat and problem.

David Icke has expounded at great length on What these beings have been up to – with detailed exposes collated from the public testimony and records.
The groundswell public reaction to getting targeted by reptilians in all and every infiltrated human institution religious, scientific, academic or otherwise has been to dismiss e.g. the life and works of Christ Because the human church can be shown to be corrupt.
For Icke, out goes Christ’s simple message of Love, His new and everlasting Covenant which replaces the old one within the Old Testament which is to Love your neighbour as yourself and love God with equal measure – that was the One thing anybody need do to be qualified as His brother or sister.

The solution Icke offers mankind is to focus on being a self-empowered, reality-creating Harry Potter magi driven only by the spark within.
That the only pattern we need for salvation from the Reptilian pit is the pattern we have within ourselves.
Not so, for that is the Reptilian way – the Way of the Fallen – the Way of the Self – a way without connection to our brothers and sisters and the divine human pattern (in Christ)
No plant or animal cell in nature can survive the way such philosophers propose. For example in a Vine, in nature, each cell is interconnected, giving to others and receiving and all drawing from the Source, our Father.
In nature a cell that is disconnected and self-reliant dies internally because it is cut off.
Christs simple message in John 15 tells the story of a vine that loves each adjacent plant cell giving and taking water and drawing from the Source.

Another criticism I have of David Icke is that although he illustrated What the anunnaki were doing he never appropriately explained How or Why.

Sure a massive conspiracy against mankind needs to communicate amongst itself – but in suggesting that its all handshakes, symbols, codesigns, codewords, systematic ciphers and other paraphernalia that this process operates with, Icke is coming up short for some reason.
It could have been evident from the fact that the anunnaki are seen to utilise frequencies for shapeshifts and disguise that their all-seeing eyes could pretty much see and identify every anunnaki around them without any needs for a human codebook or signal or club tie etc
I don’t know why Icke doesn’t highlight this.
Their use of telepathy and their powers to influence negotiation by subtly tweaking human pleasure buttons in the to them highly visible system of bio-magnetic chakra on the human body emerging out of the human nervous system is not being brought to the fore. Ie. How they win friends and influence people.

How the anunnaki operate is made to seem readable and mundane and human by David Icke who fails to discuss the occult means by which they operate against mankind.

Although David Icke illustrates What the anunnaki do to mankind – the social desolation and chaos and illustrates only a fraction of the truth of How they do it – the big question as to Why they do it is of course that they are Disconnected from the True Vine, and are soul-energy-hungry and therefore require to create dis-ease and turmoil and desolation upon this earth amongst the humans so that they can squeeze and milk the nervous and soul juices out of what they see as their livestock.

In view of this to turn the reacting and panicking humans who read about the anunnaki problems into those seeking a spiritual solution – aka problem-reaction-solution – where the solution Icke proposes is to be self-centered and create your own reality – is not good.
Such a path of Self – is the original sin of the Fall – the same doctrine that the raving reptilian vampires around us espouse.
The self-empowered human being though is easy-meat a two dimensional house of cards to the interdimensional massively processing anunnaki manipulators. Only in connection to our brothers and sisters and in drawing on the divine pattern of Christ in sympathetic resonance can we be supplied to be resistant to the anunnaki and their grey lackeys.

I often wonder therefore if David Icke has been replaced by one of the Reptilian shapeshifters he was famous for complaining about – because he seems to be at this time espousing their own spiritual philosophy – the path of self of those disconnected from the Source who would be gods.

The dark anunnaki though are not the only ones who came down from the higher realms – plenty angels of Light still do and regularly come with the power to take us all home to the many mansions of Heaven.
In getting home safely, negotiating the mind games of these adept dark beings is not something I want to try on my own with a hacked human mind and some diseased mechanics textbook written by reptilian devils and grey demons.

Miracles and intercessions still happen in this world even though the printing presses are controlled – we are Not on our own down this frequency pit and lets dispense with the service to self pitfalls on our Way home.


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